Sermon Series

Fight for Truth: Jude Roger Barrier

The book of Jude describes apostates, people who fall away from Jesus. While the end of the age will be characterized by a general, world-wide departure from the faith, apostasy can afflict any nation, society, age, culture or person. It is always a threat. Judas, the half brother of Jesus, teaches... more

Say What: Hard Sayings of Jesus Jeff Jones

The hard sayings of Jesus pose many challenges for believers. Take time to wrestle with some of Christ's radical statements to determine what it means to put Him on the throne. When we respond in obedience and faith to His Word, His will, not ours, will be done.

Fire and Ice: Elijah's Ups and Downs Jack Schull

Three snapshots from the life of Elijah teach us powerful lessons for godly living. Elijah's journey is a statement of extraordinary faith, trust and commitment but not without moments of despair, fatigue and confusion. We all face choices and questions similar to Elijah's. In this study of Elijah's... more

Tri-God Ed Young Jr.

Three in One. One in Three. The Trinity. God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is one of the most misunderstood doctrines in the Christian church. Yet Ed Young teaches in this exciting new series that our awareness of God?s triune nature is pivotal to a growing relationship with Him.

Bad Girls of the Bible Redeemed Glenn Barteau, Jack Schull & Roger Barrier

We all make mistakes. These Bible women are flawed, but used by God in His redemptive plan to fulfill His purposes. Though we sin, God can also change us and make us new again.