Sermon Series

Heaven Jeff Jones

The earth is broken. Relationships are dysfunctional, cultures are oppressed, the world is at war and God is separated from man. In spite of this, the Bible promises the redemption of mankind and restoration of His creation-a new heaven and earth.

JesusNext: The Seven Revelation Churches Roger Barrier

JesusNext is a series on the book of Revelation. John's apocalyptic vision  is not too mysterious to understand. Jesus is now glorious King instead of humble Savior.

A Tribute to Mothers Glenn Barteau

A Mother's Day tribute to the indefatigable bravery and care a mother gives. The story of Moses, his biological mother and the daughter of Pharaoh brought great blessing to his life. The truth is, we have a lot of moms that may not be biological mothers, but you are a mom that has helped to change... more

PG3: Three Questions to Help Cultivate Relationally-Rich Children Jack Schull & Glenn Barteau

Parents are asked to consider three questions: What am I doing to enhance my relationship with my children? What am I doing to advance their relationship with God? What am I doing to influence their relationships outside the home? 

Vintage Jesus: Stories from the Life of Christ Roger Barrier

The miracles in John's gospels are designed to build our faith in Christ as Messiah. Jesus always communicated with clarity and power His mission as Messaiah. He taught us Divine perspective and how we must relate to those around us with grace and humility.