Sermon Series

The Art of Parenting Roger Barrier & Glenn Barteau

Godly parents can effectively imprint their children by clearly communicating the right view of the real God, by processing their own hurts so they are free to see their children's needs, and by implementing biblical principles consistently in their homes. 

Indescribable: Praise and Worship Jack Schull & Roger Barrier

Worship is a relational response to God that He desires from those who know Him. Praise is a relational response to the truths of God. The more we praise God, the more intimately we know Him.

Preach It, Teach It Pastor Sermons John Piper, Stanley Toussaint, John Beeson, Tim Bourne, Justin Beadles, Brad Tuttle, Heather Zempel, Randy Alcorn, Glenn Barteau, Lee Strobel, Mosab Hassan Yousef, Leonard Sweet, Mark Saunders, Steve Kelly, Gabe Lyons, Ryan Kramer, Louie Giglio, Alistair Begg, Zan Holmes, Kevin DeYoung, Nancy Guthrie, Andy Davis, Tim Keller, Steven Johnstone, Jud Wilhite, John Bevere, Thabiti Anyabwile, Reggie Joiner, Daniel Chun, Chris Brown, Ed Young Jr., Britt Merrick, Jeff Jones, Jack Schull, Erwin McManus, Andy Thomas, John McKinzie, Anthony Moore, Andy Stanley, Carlos Ortiz, John Gray, Matt Chandler, Ryan Leak, Dave Ramsey, Blake Bergstrom, Tommy Nelson, Levi Lusko, Christine Caine & Tony Evans

Go Global: Missionary Testimonies Roger Barrier, Julie Barrier & Jack Schull

Global missionaries tell their stories and describe their passion to share the gospel with unreached people. From African jungle pilots to English language schools, these brave evangelists tell the Good News about Jesus Christ.

Passages: A Look at Ecclesiastes Jack Schull, Glenn Barteau, Roger Barrier & Julie Barrier

This twelve-part series on Solomon's intriguing book gives us an opportunity to re-focus our lives from a heavenly perspective. Although life is fleeting, we can make the most of every opportunity to live wisely and richly. Remembering God in all things brings joy and fulfillment.