Sermon Series

Anonymous People Who Were Touched by Christ Glenn Barteau, Jack Schull & Roger Barrier

The Anonymous Series takes a fresh look at the forgotten people in the gospels. The woman with the issue of blood, the grateful leper, the Samaritan woman and the paralyzed man do not escape the notice of Jesus. Neither do we.

iLife: The Sermon on the Mount Revisited Glenn Barteau & Roger Barrier

Christ's teaching in Matthew 5 is not a description of unattainable behaviors. Instead, the Sermon on the Mount is a picture of life in the kingdom for those who are willing to live in intimacy with Christ. Virtue is an outgrowth of a love relationship with God.   

Ancient Whispers: Old Testament Prophecies about Christ's Birth Glenn Barteau, Jack Schull & Roger Barrier

Ancient Whispers is a Christmas series that uses Old Testament prophecies to describe the identity of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Individual prophecies discussed, as well as how the attributes of Christ impact our daily lives and our faith.     

Fast Forward: Olivet Discourse Roger Barrier & Jack Schull

Fast Forward is a four-part study on the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24. Christ addresses three questions most often asked by His followers: When will the temple be destroyed? What will be the sign of His coming? What is the sign of the end of the age?

Fear Series

Fighting fear and facing it can paralyze us. Instead, we must express our fears to God and allow Him to give us a faith-focus. After all, He is in control!
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Lessons from the Life of Jesus Roger Barrier, Glenn Barteau & Jack Schull

Lessons from the life of Jesus in the four gospels are often simple stories that convey powerful truths. From the parable of the soils to the wedding banquet, we learn how to prioritize our lives and respond in faith.

Street Smarts from Proverbs Roger Barrier, Glenn Barteau & Julie Barrier

Proverbs provides savvy for even the most perplexing problem. Managing money, surviving marriage and building a career are nuggets of wisdom from the smartest man who ever lived. Truth-telling, faith-building Proverbs will change your life!

Practical Living Sermons with Jack Schull Jack Schull

Pastor Jack Schull delivers a timely series on extreme faith, secret servants and unhurried living. Varied topics have a fresh and creative twist.