Sermon Series

Street Smarts from Proverbs Roger Barrier, Glenn Barteau & Julie Barrier

Proverbs provides savvy for even the most perplexing problem. Managing money, surviving marriage and building a career are nuggets of wisdom from the smartest man who ever lived. Truth-telling, faith-building Proverbs will change your life!

Practical Living Sermons with Jack Schull Jack Schull

Pastor Jack Schull delivers a timely series on extreme faith, secret servants and unhurried living. Varied topics have a fresh and creative twist.

Principles of Relational Theology: Loving God and Others Roger Barrier

The word "intimacy" means I know you in your deepest heart of hearts. I will let you know me with the same transparency. I want to know you to bless you. Let your heart join with God's heart in this experiential look at Biblical truth.

Pastor2Pastor Roger Barrier, Glenn Barteau, Jack Schull, Julie Barrier, Brie Barrier Wetherbee, Kevin Hamilton, Chet Weld, Marilyn Morris, Brad Tuttle, Steve Dowdle, Tom Lutz, Bob Robinson & Tom Terry

Pastor to Pastor podcasts provide invaluable information regarding leadership, church ministry and counseling for spiritual leaders.