Sermon Series

Identity: God's Chosen People Ryan Kramer, Seth Kreimeyer-Kelly & Glenn Barteau

Peter teaches that your choices and life direction should reflect God's love for you as His chosen treasure. You are a royal priesthood, expressing His grace and sacrifice through Jesus, His Son.

How to Hug a Vampire: Broken People Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick and Mark Driscoll preach. We all have vampires in our lives. They're not the ones with pale skin and blood-thirsty fangs - but they do suck the life out of us. They live in your city, across the street and maybe even under your own roof. So how do you love the people who drain you?... more

Sightings: Jesus in the Old Testament Larry Osborne

Larry Osborne and Chris Brown teach on Christ in the Old Testament. Most of us picture Jesus as a 33-year-old who died on the cross. But there is so much more to Him than just a few years on Earth. Haven't you read the sightings? Didn't you know it started long before the manger? How well do you... more

Chris Brown, North Coast Church Chris Brown

Chris Brown and his co-pastor, Dr. Larry Osborne, are featured in multiple series on Preach It, Teach It. A gifted story teller and Bible Teacher, Chris is a sought-after conference and chapel speaker. His humor and motivational style have helped North Coast Church continue to grow, not only larger,... more

Timothy Keller Conference Messages

Timothy Keller is an internationally-known author, speaker and theologian. His groundbreaking insights on God's character and Christ in culture have changed the face of Christian thought in our generation. Learn from his conference messages and countless articles provided on Preach It, Teach It. 
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