Sermon Series

Urban Legends Jeff Jones

Christians can hold many misconceptions about faith and practice -- God always wants us to be rich. God's will is safe and easy. These and other "legends" will be debunked in this series.

Fast Track: Your Career and Your Calling Chris Brown & Larry Osborne

Whether you are a student, a stay-at-home mom, retired, just beginning or in the middle of a work place career, this series will help align and fast track God's current assignment for your life. 

You Will Be My People and I Will Be Your God Glenn Barteau, Ryan Kramer & Seth Kreimeyer-Kelly

Israel learns of God's love and power through history: the provision of God through famine, the power and protection of God as they fled Egypt and the presence of God as they worship Him first at Mt. Sinai and later at Mt. Zion.

Re-Marry Me Glenn Barteau

Marriage is tough. We are constantly changing, which causes our marriage to change. Glenn & Angie Barteau share the joys and challenges of marriage. They will also address how to navigate and understand the different phases marriages and other important relationships go through.

Courageous Love by Francis Chan Francis Chan

Loving God is the primary purpose of man. Our love for Him must be passionate, sincere, and completely submissive to His will.

Solomon: Triumph and Tragedy Glenn Barteau & Jack Schull

Solomon is one of the most intriguing characters of the Old Testament. You might even say he was the 'most interesting man in the world' before our present day commercial created that character. His life is one that is filled with incredible wisdom, courage, strategic planning, boldness and yet... more

Raised to Leave Glenn Barteau & Jack Schull

"Parenting and Family" is where we all share a common connection. Each of us has a different story, but whether you're a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc., we're all invested in wanting to contribute to a 'healthy' family. There are many dynamics that go into parenting and family. This 3 week... more