Sermon Series

Christ-Centered Marriage Francis Chan

Francis and Lisa Chan discuss God's Biblical model for marriage: intimacy with God and your spouse, submission and servanthood. The result is a picture of Christ's love for His bride, the church, powerfully displayed to the world.

Don't Change My Moment: Change My Life! Ryan Kramer & Glenn Barteau

Jesus teaches how His life perspective works against the conventional wisdom of the world. Looking at our lives through Jesus' lens rather than our own will give us encouragement to look at a new way to approach living life with Him.

Ruth: From Idol Worshipper to Woman of Faith Chris Brown & Larry Osborne

This excellent four-part series on the book of Ruth illustrates life lessons learned from watching impoverished widow Ruth leave her land, place her faith in the Hebrew God and seek the protection of her kinsman Boaz. God has answers that we don't know about. His hand invisibly guides us. And, our... more

Lessons from Corinth Jack Schull, Glenn Barteau & Chris Brown

The Apostle Paul wrote many valuable lessons to the church in Corinth. The church was beginning to get its bearings as a community and struggled with finding how to live out faith in Christ in practical ways and within genuine relationships. His words were meant to encourage and challenge. It was... more

Be the Church Glenn Barteau & Andy Thomas

You're the Church. I'm the Church. This unified movement of Jesus is an active force of good and grace in this world. Jesus said that he would 'build the church'. He meant that to encompass so much more than a mere activity we attend or environment we engage with once a week. Be The Church is a call... more

Choose Your Own Adventure Jack Schull & Glenn Barteau

We are all invited into an adventurous life with God. Along the way choices will determine the paths we tread. Genesis 4 lays out some foundational choices that are before each of us in this adventure called life.