Sermon Series

Road Trip Glenn Barteau, Roger Barrier & Jack Schull

The road trip we're taking  is a journey into our relationship with God. This series is about pursuing authentic, life-giving experiences with God in the normal course of life. Each sermon teaches a different mile-marker and spiritual discipline to deepen our intimacy with Him. 

Max Lucado Messages Max Lucado

Max Lucado is best-known as a best-selling author around the world. He is pastor of preaching and writing at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. Max's Outlive Your Life sermons are featured on Preach It, Teach It along with others that will captivate you with word pictures that bring the Bible... more

What's On Your Mind? Roger Barrier

Several questions are posed in this series. What does the Bible say about marriage and divorce, women in ministry and self-esteem? Why do we suffer and how can we cope?

Best Easter Sermons Roger Barrier, Andy McQuitty, Francis Chan, John Piper, Peter Scazzero, Dave Stone, Glenn Barteau, Craig Groeschel, Steven Furtick, Andy Stanley, Joel A'Bell & Levi Lusko

This collection of Easter sermons contains teaching for all of Easter Week including Good Friday. Every pastor and teacher needs Bible messages for this, the most significant of all Sundays in the church year. These sermons are the best of the best, not to be missed!

Wired to Serve Roger Barrier & Jack Schull

When we meet Christ, we are wired to serve. We have been gifted to make a contribution vs. constantly consuming. The eternal consequences of Christian service compel us to serve the church and the community. Jesus describes Himself as a servant and urges His followers to serve one another.

End of the World Francis Chan

This impactful series on Paul's second letter to Timothy by Francis Chan teaches us how to live the Christian life in the last days.

Crash: Rebuilding the Broken Glenn Barteau & Jack Schull

Humans seem to have a natural inclination to steer their lives into a ditch. Why is that? Because things are not as they should be...and we know it. What starts out with great promise, somewhere takes a wrong turn and then it happens...the CRASH! More than an allegory, it's the reality of our... more