Sermon Series

Andy Stanley-North Point Community Church Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley pastors 30,000 member North Point Community Church and is featured on Preach It, Teach It with conference messages that will motivate you to lead and live in our society with integrity and understanding. Andy Stanley is one of the most influential Christian pastors in America and North... more

Exodus: Deliverance from Captivity Dan Carroll

Exodus offers many lessons concerning the victorious Christian life. Moses, a picture of Christ, was a prophet, priest, servant, shepherd, mediator and deliverer. The book is the story of deliverance and salvation.

Stories from the Man Cave Larry Osborne, Mike Hodson & Chris Brown

Lot, David, Jacob and Elijah all have great stories from their "man cave" experiences.We learn about building trust and loyalty, squandering opportunities, conquering depression and wrestling with angels. All of us can have lives that are richer from these colorful "man cave" stories.

Andy McQuitty Podcast Series Andy McQuitty

Dr. Andy McQuitty, long-time pastor of Irving Bible Church in Irving Texas, teaches with strong biblical understanding and engaging content. His Bible knowledge is extensive and these audio podcasts and notes will provide pastors and teachers with great materials for study or for sharing. 

Home for Christmas Glenn Barteau & Jack Schull

Home brings a promise, a shelter, a surprise and a future. God's gift of Christ makes His home in our hearts. What does it mean to be at home with God? We are home in a relationship we can trust, and we have the promise of His presence no matter what. We can unwrap His surprise that brings life and... more

Crossing the Jordan: Life Lessons from the Book of Joshua Larry Osborne & Chris Brown

Crossing the Jordan is discovering principles from the book of Joshua that will assist us with life's transitions. Facing a new normal will require faith, wisdom and patience from God.