Andy McQuitty Podcast Series

Dr. Andy McQuitty, long-time pastor of Irving Bible Church in Irving Texas, teaches with strong biblical understanding and engaging content. His Bible knowledge is extensive and these audio podcasts and notes will provide pastors and teachers with great materials for study or for sharing. 

  • How to Have a Spiritual Conversation

    God has gone before us to work in the hearts of people who don't know Christ. 
  • He Won My Life

    The brutal battle Jesus fought to obtain our freedom from sin is described. Adam left us a death sentence: We are separated from God as a result of sin. Sin is the root cause of our emptiness and our unhappiness. Because of sin, we are always weighed down. Jesus freed us from our life sentence. We have life because Jesus' sacrifice.
  • Ready, Set, Fearless

    The “ready” position is the stance that an athlete takes to be prepared to take on any challenge. If you're ready, you are not afraid. Don't be afraid of tyrants, financial ruin, life or death. Fear God and you don't have to fear anything else.
  • The Good Shepherd

    Old Testament shepherds sacrificed their sheep. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, sacrificed Himself for us, His sheep. False shepherds only care about fleecing the sheep and stealing away their lives and their joy. Our only success in fulfilling our purpose in life is due to the unselfish love of the Good Shepherd, our Guide and Protector.
  • No More Tears

    Mary Magdalene learned from the resurrected Christ that God is real, He loves her deeply and eternally, and she had a purpose to share Jesus with a broken world. Truly, Mary was the first missionary. 
  • The Canine and the Pachyderm

    Every Christ-follower needs to claim their place of belonging in God's family, the church. God has gifted us uniquely to serve in the body and meet the needs of others.
  • Be Like Boaz

    Boaz exemplified the generosity and condescension of Christ as he bestowed upon Ruth his undeserved favor. We should be grateful for grace and having received it, we give it.
  • Cabbage at the Salad Bar

    We must live lives of generosity that reflect the character of a benevolent God. God ordained His work to be financed by the gifts of His people. Worshipful giving is determined by what is in the heart of the giver.
  • How to Spot the Gorilla

    People are so narrowly focused that they often miss the obvious. As believers, we are chosen and called for the praise of His glory. We must be careful to live with precision, intensity and integrity.
  • You Can't Just Sit There!

    Sometimes there are compelling realities to life that move us to action. The resurrection should move us to take a risk with no reserves, no retreat and no regrets.
  • The Greatest Friendship

    Jesus not only proclaimed Himself to be our shepherd, king, the Way, Truth and Life. He also chose to call us friends. A friend is someone who knows all about you and likes you just the same!
  • What Love Asks

    God loves us unconditionally and simply asks us to love Him intimately, humbly serve Him, and to walk with Him in submission and obedience.
  • The Beauty of Brokenness

    The Messiah was broken and battered for the souls of mankind. Mary of Bethany's broken bottle of perfume symbolized her unconditional love for Jesus and her unconditional acceptance of His will. We are made in Christ's image when we experience brokenness through difficulty.
  • Having Childlike Faith

    Unless we become like children-humble, teachable and trusting-we will never grow into the spiritual people God intends for us to be. The intellegencia in Athens were too proud to receive the Gospel.
  • Friends

    Paul expressed his thanks to God for his brothers and sisters in Christ. He prays for grace-the underserved favor of Christ to be upon them. He prays for the peace that results as we live our lives for His glory. We must believe the best of our brothers and sisters in Christ and forecast achievement for them.
  • Wanting What God Wants

    Paul encourages young pastor Timothy to pray always for those in authority so that the Gospel may be propigated throughout the world. God wants to seek and save the lost.
  • Greatly Commissioned

    Christ not only wants to save our souls for eternity, but He longs to redeem our lives here on earth by giving us a purpose in living. We can bring in His Kingdom by sharing the Gospel with the world and creating communities ofr justice, compassion, forgiveness and wholeness.
  • Stirred, But Not Shaken

    David, in the midst of his troubles, had learned the "golden secret." He taught that we must be stirred to love God and focus on Him, and He will not allow us to be shaken by our trials.
  • Basking in the Light

    Light and darkness in the material world provide powerful metaphors for the revelation of Christ's glory and man's response. For whom is the Light and how do we receive it?
  • One Thing

    Many of us live our lives by flipping a coin to discover our next move. Paul writes that the one thing we should seek is to know Christ intimately and to love Him deeply. We live to honor Him.
  • Profiles in Character

    Paul’s companions, Timothy and Epaphroditus, epitomized godly character: compassion, loyalty and integrity. When people see authentic faith in God’s people, they are drawn to the Savior.
  • Agreed

    Paul enjoins two arguing Christian women to agree in the Lord. We must live harmoniously, responding to our opponents with grace and patience, even as Christ demonstrated humility and condescension to mankind. 
  • Take the Trouble

    If God, Joseph and Mary went to such great lengths to bring salvation to us, so should we take the trouble to share the gospel with those around us.