Andy Stanley-North Point Community Church

Andy Stanley pastors 30,000 member North Point Community Church and is featured on Preach It, Teach It with conference messages that will motivate you to lead and live in our society with integrity and understanding. Andy Stanley is one of the most influential Christian pastors in America and North Point Community Church was voted the third most influential church in America.

  • Anger: You're Not the Boss of Me!

    When we feel anger, our emotions tell us it’s 100 percent someone else’s fault. But James, the brother of Jesus, has something different to say. When we take a step back and acknowledge what the problem really is, anger will no longer be the boss of us. Preached at North Point Community Church.
  • Getting Over Envy

    Proverbs 14:30: "A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot." Envy causes us to compare and compete with others in an unhealthy way. It brings arrogance when we’re winning and discouragement when we’re not. It robs us of contentment and causes us to feel like—as an ancient king put it—we’re chasing after the wind. But ...more
  • Say Yes: Be Rich in Good Deeds

    Andy Stanley and comedian Jeff Foxworthy discuss life issues and the importance of making a difference in our community. "When the church does good, God’s name is made great. This year, we want to continue the wave of Be Rich in good deeds we’ve experienced over the past decade. We want to show people in our communities that God loves them. And we ...more
  • Trading Your Future for Lusts

    We often trade what we've decided and what we know is most important for a bowl of stew. What’s true of Esau is true of you. You have no idea what God wants to accomplish through your life. You have no idea what God wants to accomplish in your church, ministry, community. And nobody is going to be standing beside you to help you re-frame the ...more
  • What Happens When My Rights Collide with Your Rights?

    Individual rights assume individual responsibility. We are a nation of laws, but we can do better. We as Christians are commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to do unto others as God, through Christ, has done unto us. Leveraging our individual rights for the benefit of others will prevent our liberty from devouring itself.  ...more
  • Why Church?

    Peter had to convince the early church to invite "pagan" Gentiles into the Body. How can be more welcoming and make our churches a safe place for everyone? The message in its entirety may be read in the sermon notes. Used by permission. 
  • Christ Alone: Hope for a Broken World

    My identity is not in what I see. "My identity is not in my future accomplishments or my past failures." "I do not live a life of fear or anxiety." Most people want these statements of faith to be true in their lives. But they can't be without Christ. In this series we study Romans 8, and discover how our faith is defined by one thing - CHRIST ...more