Aspire: Be Who You Want to Be

We all have aspirations to be a better person, to overcome fears and insecurities, to reach our goals. God can not only give us grace to reach our aspirations, but He can give us the right desires to come to Him and connect with others. 

  • Come As You Are: The Prodigal Son

    The parable of the prodigal son illustrates the heart of God for His wayward children. The younger brother broke all the rules, felt he didn't deserve his father's love and had an inferiority complex. The older brother faithfully kept the rules, felt he deserved all of His father's blessings and had a superiority complex. God blesses us because of ...more
  • Be Transformed: Blind Bart and the Cost of Change

    If I am really going to become more like Christ, it means that we would change the way we do marriage and become less self-oriented and more other-focused. It means we become more sacrificial, more missional, more willing to give our comfort, time, and possessions away for others. Jesus is asking. How about you? What is it you want? If we truly ...more
  • Jesus and the Demoniac: The Cost of Compassion

    Jesus delivered the Gadarene demoniac from a life of torment and desolation. Instead of rejoicing over Jesus' power and the man's deliverance, the Gadarenes were angry because they lost their "pig income" and paid dearly for his healing. How far are we willing to go to help the hurting around us?