Awaken: Galatians

What would it look like to awaken to the life we're intended to live? How can the grace of Christ fuel our living in such a way, as to enable us to live out of the overflow of that grace and freedom. A freedom to choose God and choose to reflect His heart to the world around us. AWAKEN is a series looking into the book of Galatians and the truths the Apostle Paul was driving home about that life of freedom through the grace of Jesus.

  • You Cannot Earn What You Already Have

    What happened to all your joy? Galatians 5 encourages us to stop working for God's favor and start resting in what He has already given us-the love and grace of Christ. We don't try to live up to God's grace, we are called to live OUT God's grace by serving others.
  • Extreme Makeover: From Sinful to Spiritual

    Paul teaches that our sin nature doesn’t just operate in one small part of our conscience mind. Our sin nature permeates our soul and heart; it’s in operation throughout our being. God’s spirit in the core of your will, the core of your spirit, the core of your soul, the core of your mind… This is the life Paul describes as “live by the Spirit”, ...more
  • Awaken: Revelations of Grace (Galatians Pt. 1)

    The parable of the prodigal son illustrates the difference between living the Christian life by law and by grace. The question is: Will I set the course of my life to become more like the father, or the older brother? Will I grow up to live from the power of grace, freedom and love, or will I grow up seeking power from the law, judgment and ...more