Be Brave

God's call upon our lives inspires us to be brave, adventurous, confident and obedient. Peter, Esther, Paul and a host of Bible characters display God's power by stepping out on faith.

  • Be Brave: The Summons

    Adam, Esther, David, Solomon and Peter were all summoned by God to do seemingly impossible things. God's call can be an exciting, life-giving task that fills you with energy and excitement. If God's summons is to be had, it is to be lived.
  • Be Brave: The Adventure

    Peter is a great example of how adventure involves mystery and danger to bring insight & growth into our lives.  Even with all Peter experienced with Christ, he struggled to understand the depth of just what the supremacy of love meant to Jesus.
  • Be Brave: The Confidence

    Jesus said you can overcome, even though you are overwhelmed, out-matched, incapable, and hated by the world. You can be confident because of Christ in you and in this world.  This may be a broken, fallen, messy world, but God is doing something beautiful.