Better Together: Re-kindle Your Marriage

Better Together is a two-part marriage series featuring pastor couples Glenn and Angie Barteau and Roger and Julie Barrier. They discuss key relational values expressed in the Song of Solomon. Each couple speaks to issues relevant to husbands and wives seeking to bring excitement and joy back into their marriages.

  • Bring Your Sexy Back

    King Solomon teaches many valuable lessons about love and romance in the marriage relationship. We learn from him that love is pure, love protects and love is passionate.  In the marriage relationship, God portrays the intimacy that He wants to have with us. The divine romance is Christ laying down His life for His bride, the church.
  • Pursuing Joy in Your Marriage

    Celebrate the unique differences in personality which define us as married couples. For instance, introverts and extroverts can bring balance to a relationship. To understand our partners is to value and cherish them spiritually, emotionally and physically. God wants joy to be part of marriage.