Crash: Rebuilding the Broken

Humans seem to have a natural inclination to steer their lives into a ditch. Why is that? Because things are not as they should be...and we know it. What starts out with great promise, somewhere takes a wrong turn and then it happens...the CRASH!

More than an allegory, it's the reality of our humanity. We are broken and in need of major repair. Can we hope for a rebuilt life? Is repair available for a wayward soul?

You bet! Our Creator is a master at restoration. He offers hope that restores, love that realigns, and faith that can fix and fine tune a life and a future.

God has set in motion a rescue plan to restore, while also offering expert guidance as we navigate the turns ahead.

  • Return and Restoration: Stop Running and Start Healing

    People hide behind fear, shame, denial and failure. Hiding seems so natural and appears to promise escape. However, it never brings lasting security and freedom. Returning to God is the reaction He longs for the most. God is a master at bringing beauty out of brokenness if we are willing to engage in the process of restoration.
  • Crash Part Two: Coming Home to God

    When we sin, we need to come clean with God -- without the attitude. Instead of wallowing in guilt. we should confess, change our ways and move on. God walks us through the consequences of our sins so that we can live in His divine power and experience a divine relationship.
  • Crash: Rebuilding the Broken Part One

    Temptation pushes us to fulfill a legitimate desire in an illegitimate way. Temptation attacks our belief that God can be trusted. It empowers us to be the sole owner of right and wrong. It pushes us toward self-deception. Seek to fulfill your desires in a godly manner. Your weaknesses can become great opportunities to gain intimacy with God and ...more