Dave Stone, Southeast Christian Church

Pastor Dave Stone has served at the 33,000-member Southeast Christian Church for many years. Dave believes the most practical way to spread the gospel is through moms and dads who model a genuine faith for their children. His sermons on family, compelling Bible Characters and prophecy are found on Preach It, Teach It. Don't miss his warm, practical, witty style. 

  • A Few Good Men...and Women! (Judges)

    CLICK ON VIMEO ICON OR WATCH HERE. The Bible says that the nation of Israel followed God faithfully throughout the life of Joshua and the elders who succeeded him. But when that generation of leaders died out, the Israelites spent the next 400 years in a cycle: disobedience, punishment, repentance, and deliverance (Judges 2:10). So the new ...more
  • What is God's Will for My Life?

    This is one of the most common and most important questions people ask about God. The answer is bigger than we sometimes think, and, while it is not always easy, the way to find the answer is simpler than we sometimes think. Be like Jesus. Be with Jesus. Read God's Word. Listen to God's people. WATCH SERMON VIDEO HERE. Preached at Southeast ...more
  • The End of Time

    The Bible tells us in Hebrews 9:27 that "man is destined to die once and after that the judgment." We will all stand before the Lord. The the unbeliever, it will be a long, draining reminder of a life filled with poor choices, but for the Christian, Christ will plead your case on your behalf. When John got a glimpse of heaven in Revelation 4, he ...more
  • Teaching Your Children Respect and Obedience

    Parents, not the school or the church, should be the primary teachers of respect and obedience to their children. Meal times, travel times and bed times are key opportunities to impart values to your child. Good parenting is inextricably linked to the parents' relationship with God.
  • I Want Names! Praying for Others

    God wants us to pray specifically. Pray for your enemies, for the unsaved, for national and spiritual leaders, for your neighbors, co-workers and family. In praying for them, God will transform you. Preached at Southeast Christian Church. Used by permission.
  • Jonah: Fueled by Anger

    Driven to the sea, overwhelmed by a fish, and motivated to finally obey, Jonah has done what God asked. But now, Jonah is Fueled by Anger at God's compassion and keeps running. When you encounter God's extravagant love, how do you respond? Psalm 103:8 says The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. We love that verse ...more
  • Your Happy Place: How to Have a Joy-Filled Home

    Strong Christian marriages have Christ-centered relationships that are grounded by individual relationships with the Lord. Many who have joyous homes that are filled with love and laughter find their strength in God to help them guide all others in their lives. These homes aren't perfect and don't pretend to be, but they are faithful families who ...more
  • Re-building the Walls: Nehemiah

    Nehemiah was a faithful servant of the Lord that knew of the importance to protect God's cities after His people finally returned from exile. He knew that it was only right to work hard and serve God, no matter how difficult it was to stay true to that promise.
  • The Ultimate X Factor: Esther, Queen of Beauty and Courage

    Esther was a great example of God working up stream. Little did she know when she became the Queen of Persia, that God was positioning her so that she could call upon her internal courage to save God's people from persecution by King Xerxes. Esther serves as an example of a strong woman who takes an opportunity to bring God into her life and  ...more
  • Creation: The Beginning of Life as We Know It

    In the beginning God created the heavens and earth (Genesis 1:1 NIV ®). This is the beginning of life as we know it. From here God went on the build day and night, land and sea, living creatures to roam the garden, and finally mankind. Adam and Eve’s fall marked the beginning of man sinning, but God’s hope for redeeming mankind shines brightly ...more
  • Deliverance (Exodus)

    All of us have been delivered by the grace of God at one point or another in our lives. When Moses and the Israelites were suffering and enslaved in Egypt, God delivered His people out of persecution, freeing them from Pharoah's rule and parting the Red Sea so they could escape. Southeast Christian Church. Used by permission.
  • Heaven: What Will We Do?

    Heaven, according to Scripture, will be a place of continual discovery, meaningful work, perfect rest, loving relationships, unequalled pleasures and awesome worship.