Fast Track: Your Career and Your Calling

Whether you are a student, a stay-at-home mom, retired, just beginning or in the middle of a work place career, this series will help align and fast track God's current assignment for your life. 

  • When the American Dream Becomes a Nightmare

    The American Dream can be a curse when we are driven by greed, futile pursuits, and broken relationships.  There are four keys to avoiding the “American Nightmare.” We must value character above clients, family more important than finances, faith more important than feelings and the Kingdom more important than the company.
  • The Truth About Lying

    Why do we lie? Perhaps it is to make ourselves look better. Perhaps we lie for personal gain or to avoid negative consequences. Why shouldn't we lie? God hates it, and it enslaves us and robs us of our personal and spiritual freedom.
  • Horrible Bosses and Corrupt Companies:How to Survive!

    Work is a calling from God. Every job stinks. There is no perfect job. God is in control of who is in control.. If you can’t find a better job, this must be the best job. If you can’t respect the person, respect the position. If you want to be influential, become invaluable.
  • Leading from the Middle

    God is our boss and our work is our calling. Pursue greatness while avoiding pride, ego, and selfishness. Embrace last as your first choice. Be committed to: Outserve your team. Make your boss better. Taking it to work. Some will take advantage, some will take notice. Be the best Jesus your work has ever seen....because you may be the only Jesus ...more
  • Not Just a Job, But a Calling!

    Work like God assigned you a job because He did. Work like you are on a mission because you are. Work like it is your worship to God because it should be. Don’t commute between your spiritual life and vocational life.