Flipside Christmas: Real Life-Change

"Flipside Christmas" takes a look at how the birth of Christ impacts our lives on the deepest level.

  • Flipside Christmas-Can I Change?

    The man with the withered hand had to step out on faith and trust Jesus amidst great opposition. When we take that simple step of faith, Christ can radically transform our lives.
  • Flipside Christmas: Here's to Hope

    God longs for us to put our hope in Him. His hope can heal you from your past, give you endurance for the now and security for the yet to arrive.  His hope can rebuild, repair and refuel.  His hope can be an anchor for your soul. 
  • Flipside Christmas Part 2: Peace to You

    Peace is not found in circumstances, material possessions, status or popularity. Peace finds its source in God alone and we are clothed with His gifts of peace and grace. 
  • Flipside Christmas: Jesus Our Peace

    Christ, the Anointed One, brings "shalom" peace. He alone can free you from sin and its hold upon your life. He gave His life to bring you into God's presence with forgiveness and love.