Getting Fit: Spiritual Disciplines Draw Us to Christ

Spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting and meditation are not created as a legalistic set of rules, but are designed to help us enter into intimacy with Christ. 

  • Closer: Confess to God

    Confession restores sensitivity to God. When I make a relational mistake, confession allows me to make it right. Confession means we have made ourselves vulnerable and fully known, but also leads us to a proclamation of belief. 
  • Press the Pause Button: God's Gift of Solitude

    Our harried, hurried lives prevent us from knowing God, enjoying life and loving others well. We must learn to slow our pace to experience genuine joy.
  • How to Cure a Messiah Complex: Serving Others

    Pride and narcissism can cause us to lead empty lives. The prescription for pride is servanthood-the selfless, sacrificial investment of Christ-like love in the lives of others. 
  • The Practice of Celebration

    Celebration is about spiritually savoring all of who God is, all that He has done. It is all about the joy available to us and the connections we have with others. Celebration is God's promise that pulls us forward and assures us that we have a secure future in Him. We must savor Him and all His gifts with a grateful heart.
  • Balanced Living: Rest, Work, Play, Meditation

    God desires that we balance our lives between rest, work and play so that we live abundant lives. He also longs for us to practice the discipline of quiet meditation so that we listen to Him and enjoy His presence every day.
  • Spiritual Practices Lead to Freedom

    Spiritual practices such as prayer, fasting and meditation lead to great freedom. They exist for our sake, not God's. They enable us to do what we cannot do through direct effort. "Seated-ness" is the practice of resting in Christ's finished work on the cross. Companion Devotional here.