Hebrews XII: Solid Ground

In this life, struggle is inevitable. But we must endure. We must not lose heart. Strengthen yourselves, for our God is a consuming fire. In this series we study the powerful words of Hebrews 12.

  • Hebrews XII Part One: Can't Stop, Won't Stop

    Hebrews 12 is a key passage in perseverance in the faith. Heaven is cheering us on. Jesus is the pioneer who inspires us to run the race without giving up. Jesus endured the cross-no greater obstacle or suffering could come to the sinless Son of God. Let us be inspired and encouraged! Preached at Elevation Church. Used by permission.
  • Hebrews XII Part Two: When God Counts to Three

    Have you ever felt that God was using circumstances in your life, especially difficult ones, to get your attention, or to teach you some sort of lesson? Why would God let you go through these struggles? Hebrews 12 states that God is a caring father who rebukes, corrects and instructs His children because He loves them. He wants to transform them ...more
  • Hebrews XII Part Three: Bold Obedience

    These words of encouragement to Elevation Church were preached by Pastor Craig Groeschel as he told his own story of LifeChurch.tv. In Acts 5:18, Peter and John healed the lame beggar by the Gate Beautiful. By the power of God, everyone in the community saw God's miracle. What do we learn about bold obedience? Bold obedience will be met with ...more
  • Hebrews XII Part Four: The Shakedown!

    Hebrews 12 teaches that systems will be shaken, but in God's power we will remain stable. Relationships will be shaken, but in God's presence, we will remain secure. Hope will be shaken but in God's promises, we will remain confident. Preached at Elevation Church, Part Four of the Hebrews XII series. Used by permission. Watch in HD HERE.