Holly Jolly January: Spending and Investing

Instead of spending and going into debt at Christmas, try giving back to the community and investing in God's kingdom.       

  • Holly Jolly Generosity

    Paul teaches that we should look down the economic ladder and give accordingly from the heart. In addition, we should climb down the ladder to reach the struggling and the lost just as Christ did for us. 
  • Holly Jolly Gratitude

    Gratitude is the overwhelming response to God's love and compassion. Our undeniable guilt plus God's undeserved grace equals unbridled gratitude. 
  • Have a Holly Jolly January, Part One

    Big Question: Do we want to live by greed and fear or do we want to live by blessing and peace? If we want to have a Holly Jolly January...it will all depend on who we put into the driver's seat because no one gets to pick who's in the driver's seat but us.