Hope and Memory, Vows and Covenants

Memory is strong. Hope is stronger. Knowing Him, we joyfully look to the future. Vows are made by man to God. Covenants are made by God with man.

  • Fear the Future? Hope Instead!

    We live on hope, not memory. When we focus on our hopes for the future, not the memories of our past, we realize what it means to truly experience joy and contentment in this life. But the source of our hope is in Jesus' promise of heaven and eternal life.
  • Vows and Covenants

    Vows originate with man, and we are wise to fulfill them promptly. Covenants begin with God. These are mutual agreements of solemn and binding force between two parties. Don't make a hasty vow to God. Enter into a relationship with Him through a covenant. Vows and covenants throughout the Bible are extensively discussed.