How The Good Go Bad

Saul, Rehoboam, Eli, David, Samuel and other Old Testament leaders had the opportunity to do great things for God. However, snags and secret sins kept them from the blessings and greatness God had planned for their lives. We can learn from their mistakes and experience abundant living

  • Leadership Lost: Rehoboam

    King Solomon's son, Rehoboam, lost his throne by listening to bad advice, by leading with fear and intimidation and by selfishness and greed. Good, godly leaders humbly put the needs of others first and lead consistently and dependably. 
  • How Good Families Go Bad

    The stories of Eli, Samuel and David reveal that spiritual men can have unspiritual children. Four myths of child-rearing include: going to church produces spirituality, kids need to make their own choices, Sunday's message will trump Friday's message, and great kids naturally come from good homes. 
  • Miriam and Aaron's Big Power Grab: Selfish Ambition

    Envy is a disease cured by submission, contentment and humility. When you stuggle with jealousy, remember: life is not fair-eternity is better than fair. You can't lead if you can't follow. Nothing is ever as good as it looks. A fool spits in the wind. A bigger fool argues with God. The difference between contentment and envy is focus. 
  • Lot's Greed

    How do you know if you are greedy? If you make most decisions based on the financial impact, if you put financial opportunity over family and health, if you experience destination sickness, if you'd rather be a liar than be poor and if you have a history of conflict over money. You may be greedy if you rationalize that you may be generous someday.  ...more
  • Cain's Homemade Religion

    Cain's bloodless sacrifice was a homemade religion. Six substitutes for genuine faith God won't accept are good morals and deeds, clear conscience, sincerity, great theology, religious rituals, cut and paste obedience. 
  • King Me: Saul's Fall

    Saul did not completely obey God, and in his pride and impatience lost his kingdom. Israel demanded a king so that they could be like all the other nations that surrounded them. God's plan was to set His people apart, obedient to His law as a theocracy.
  • When Good Families Go Bad

    Eli, Samuel and David were godly men who were terrible fathers. Myths that growing up in a spiritual leader's home will produce godly offspring include going to church produces spirituality, Sunday's message will trump Friday's temptation and great kids naturally come from good homes.