Identity: God's Chosen People

Peter teaches that your choices and life direction should reflect God's love for you as His chosen treasure. You are a royal priesthood, expressing His grace and sacrifice through Jesus, His Son.

  • Identity Part One: You Are Chosen

    Peter teaches how deeply Jesus values you and showers you with unconditional love, grace, joy and blessing for the good purpose of blessing others. Imagine the audience in 1 Peter. They hear these words and realize wherever they go, Jesus is goes them. Discover who you are in Christ and live in that power.  Preached at Casas Church. Used by ...more
  • Identity, Part Two: Royal Priest

    The Greek word for "royal" translates as "support of/to the people". It's a title of service and humility. Not how we typically think of royalty. This is then tied to the idea of priesthood. The priests care for the relationship between God and the people. The priest assures the people that God is with them. The priest grasps the destructiveness, ...more
  • Identity Part Three: A Holy Nation

    When Jesus was crucified, the curtain in the temple dividing the Holy of Holies from everything else, was ripped from top to bottom. God said, "That which divided us is gone. You don't have to live in a system trying to reach God on your own anymore." What will you do when you realize the unreachable God has reached you and has healed your sinful ...more
  • Identity Part Four: God's People

    Peter teaches that we are a  "People Belonging to God." The Greek word is best translated "possession." We are God's treasured possession. If you can view yourself as God's treasure, you will experience grace and rest in a whole new way.  Preached at Casas Church. Used by permission.