iLife: The Sermon on the Mount Revisited

Christ's teaching in Matthew 5 is not a description of unattainable behaviors. Instead, the Sermon on the Mount is a picture of life in the kingdom for those who are willing to live in intimacy with Christ. Virtue is an outgrowth of a love relationship with God.   

  • Condemnation Engineering

    Jesus deals with the judgmental way we often try to control those closest to us. Instead of blaming others for their problems and forcing upon them our “wonderful solutions,” Jesus shows us the effective way of helping the people we love.  The way of asking, seeking and knocking works because it draws people into the kingdom rather than into the ...more
  • iLife Part Six-Our Identity in Christ

    Jesus' Sermon on the Mount contrasts the empty legalism of the Pharisees with the unconditional love and grace of the Savior. As believers, we can know who we are in Christ because He came to earth and revealed Himself to us.
  • iLife Part Four-Worry Free!

    Jesus teaches in the Sermon on the Mount that a “worry free” life is always lived in the present. This faith-filled existence is focused on investing in God’s kingdom and His riches. We must choose to serve God, not money.
  • iLife Part Three-The Audience of ONE

    Holy living is not self-promotion, but devotion to the audience of ONE, our Father in heaven. Jesus decries the Pharisees' ostentatious display of religious practices as He continues to teach about kingdom living. For example, Jesus explains that true prayer is not a technique nor a performance, but an interactive communion with God. Instead of ...more
  • iLife Part Two-"You Have Heard It Said"

    The essence of Old Testament Law demonstrates the steadfast commitment between God and His people. Correctly understood, the Law points to something deeply relational -- God's love received and selflessly given away. Jesus uses the "golden rule" to redefine the Law in order to grow and stretch our understanding of agape love. The choice not to sin ...more
  • iLife Part One-Relational Righteousness

    The Sermon on the Mount is Christ’s revolutionary teaching on God’s ability to transform the human heart. The Beatitudes, set forth in Matthew 5, are not a set of rules or impossible standards. Instead, these teachings mature and equip us to express genuine love to others.