Is It In You? Philippians Series

This study of Paul's letter to the church at Philippi gives practical help on how to live a Spirit-filled life with joy, unity, power and obedience. Though Paul was in chains, he was greatly encouraged by the support of the Philippian believers.

  • Connected: Don't Go It Alone (Philippians)

    Paul thanks God for the power of unified Christians on a mission to evangelize the world. He believes in them, prays positively for them and continually shows his gratitude for their support.
  • The Secret of Contentment

    Paul learns how to survive in the darkest circumstances not only by the "grace power" of God, but by the support system of saints around him. When times get really tough, we need God and we also need each other.
  • Awaken to Joy

    We can be free from anxiety and aloneness because we have access to the throne room of God and His gifts of peace and joy. We must live with the anticipation and awareness that God is at work.
  • The End of the Story-Press On

    Paul encourages us to finish the race with the strength and power only God can provide. Our hope is in heaven, not here on earth.
  • Legalism Kills Love

    Paul warns young Christians to be wary of legalistic pretending instead of grace-filled discipleship. Being obedient to the Holy Spirit means serving with a loving heart. We can do so and still appreciate a world of people without compromising our values or holding them in contempt.
  • The Noticed Love

    Our purpose is to live for Christ, a life of noticing others so we can minister the encouragement, compassion and comfort Jesus first showed us. As our love shines in the darkness of this world, others see hope. Who is God calling us to notice?
  • Being Like-Minded

    Paul poses four questions. If we are encouraged by Christ, can we give that same encouragement to others? If we are comforted by Him, can we comfort others? If we enjoy fellowship or tenderness from God, can we lovingly demonstrate compassion and unity? Of course!
  • Live On Purpose

    Paul, in Philippians one, didn't just make the best of a bad situation, he actually saw the positive results of his imprisonment. We must recognize God is working in and through every situation of our lives.