JesusNext: The Seven Revelation Churches

JesusNext is a series on the book of Revelation. John's apocalyptic vision  is not too mysterious to understand. Jesus is now glorious King instead of humble Savior.

  • Sardis: Fakers and Posers (The Oxymoron Church)

    Jesus warns Sardis, the dead church, that pretension is deadly. They are commanded to strengthen their faith, repent and obey God's Word. When we do the same, our eternal destiny is settled once and for all.
  • Laodecia: The Church That Gives God Indigestion

    The sin of lukewarmness can look like indifference to sin, disinterest in the lost, eroded Christian values and integrity, apathy in obedience to Christ, neglect of personal devotional life and selfishness. God is grieved when His people lose their love for Him. If the church is to remain strong until Christ returns, it will be because, as ...more
  • Smyrna: The Perfume Church

    Jesus knows about the afflictions, poverty and persecution the church at Smyrna has endured. This has not changed for us today. He intimately knows our pressures, needs and misunderstandings, but we can walk through these fires beside Him. We can rejoice with confidence because of our reward in heaven.
  • Thyatira: The Church That Sold Out

    Learning to compromise is a sign of maturity. But compromising our values, morals, ethics, character and bodies is not. Jezebel represents the war between the temptations of Satan and the deep things of God.
  • The Throne Room of God

    We must maintain a heavenly perspective as we live here on earth. It is not about us. It is all about the One who is worthy to receive glory, honor and praise. When we internalize this prophetic truth, our everyday worries seem trivial.
  • Pergamum: The Compromising Church

    Jesus teaches that it is hard to live by God’s values when we don’t know what they are. He instructs us to saturate our minds with the Scriptures and live accordingly. Compromise usually starts small, erodes slowly, always lowers the original standard and is seldom offensive (except to true Christians and to Jesus). We are significant in the Lord’s ...more
  • Rekindle the Passion: Ephesus

    Jesus commends the Ephesian church for its strengths, offers correction for its problems and encourages members to re-kindle their first love, the Lord Jesus. In the struggle to live passionate Christian lives, we should find ourselves developing deeper love for God and others.
  • JesusNext: The Revelation of Jesus Christ

    The book of Revelation is not intended to be mysterious. Its purpose is to unveil future events. Jesus is revealed in Revelation as the glorious coming king and judge. What does this mean to us? Our judgment is either behind us at the cross or still looming at the judgment seat of Jesus Christ when He returns.