Jonah, Reluctant Missionary: Beyond the Flannelgraph

The book of Jonah may be considered a children's Bible story, but it is full of grown up lessons. This three-week series is about the prophet Jonah who is instructed by God to call to repentance the evil citizens of Nineveh. God?s call to Jonah is similar to our admonition to impact the world for Christ.

  • Heaven's Guest List

    Jonah became angry that God saved Ninevah. We need to remember the kind of God we have and the kind of people He invites. We must be caring, listening and prepared to answer their questions. 
  • Throne Wars

    Jonah preaches repentance to the Ninevites, and they take some radical steps when they surrender to God. They fast and wear sackcloth. Yet the key to their repentance is not these outward expressions, but a change in heart, actions and strategy on how to do life. 
  • A Gut-Wrenching Prayer

    Jonah cries a desperate prayer in the belly of the whale and surrenders completely to God. Our prayer requests should come with fervent praise and thanks to God. We cannot afford to be lukewarm in our responses to God.
  • See Jonah Run

    Like Jonah, we often struggle with our enemies, trying to understand their pain and struggles, trying to show compassion. Even though God gives Jonah clear instructions, Jonah runs from God, allowing his disobedience to affect others. God’s Word is clear to us as well. We only have to access it and respond obediently.