Matt Chandler, Village Church

Matt Chandler has a unique perspective on life and faith. A cancer survivor, Matt's health crisis brought him to the forefront of Christian ministry because of his powerful testimony of bold faith and humility. In 2012, Matt became the president of Acts 29, a network of churches planting churches. He brought a fresh vision to the organization, mapping out four specific hopes for its future—plant churches who plant churches, be known for holiness and humility, become radically diverse and be serious about evangelism and conversion.

  • Physical Intimacy in Marriage

    Sex can be really beautiful or really dangerous because it brings the body and soul into a kind of wholeness not otherwise known. It is a good gift of God which should point us back to Him. Preached at Village Church. Used by permission.
  • Revelation 21: What Does the New Kingdom Look Like?

    We are citizens and strangers upon this earth. But in Revelation 21, John the Apostle gives us a glimpse of God's Kingdom at the end of time.  Preached at The Village Church. Used by permission. 
  • Single and Blessed

    The good news about a single Savior who provides abundant life for all who die with him… Jesus didn’t view his celibacy as a no…no to joy, no to sex, no to intimacy…but rather he viewed it as a life-giving yes…yes to relationships, yes to friends, yes to serving others, and yes to enjoying life to the fullest.” Singles, you have not been ...more
  • Prayer: Racial Reconciliation

    There's no place for this nonsense in the church, no place for this nonsense in the kingdom of God.We can celebrate our unique cultural backgrounds. The book of Revelation says that on that day we'll throw those crowns down at his feet and we'll worship together. Our community should be marked by crossing lines of color, socioeconomic status, and ...more
  • Ananias and Sapphira: The Cost of Cheating

    In this series from Acts, the church struggles from within when Ananias and Sapphira bring gifts and lie about their generosity. They also experience persecution from the Sanhedrin and some racial tension. Used by permission of the Village Church, Flower Mound, Texas.
  • Grace Made Visible: Stewardship

    God has made everything and that everything is the Lord's and that God has decreed and declared that you and I, made in his image, are the viceroys or stewards of his creation so all you have and all I have is God's. There is nothing that exists that is not his. >He has placed us as stewards over that creation on earth so that everything you have ...more
  • God Keeps His Big Promises

    God's yes in salvation is found in Jesus Christ. God's hearing of your prayers is found yes in Jesus Christ. God's ability to sustain you in suffering finds its yes in Jesus Christ. Everywhere else the answer is no, not yes, which is why we cling to Jesus, pursue Jesus, preach Jesus, exalt Jesus, make much of Jesus. He is the author and the ...more
  • Hosea and Gomer: The Love That Frees Us

    God is a covenant-keeping God, and he consistently reveals it in Scripture as he loves, pursues, and delights in people who don't show a lot of reciprocity toward that love, pursuit, and care. Just like Gomer, they're prone to run to other gods. Just like Gomer, they're prone to run to other husbands. They're prone to run to other ways. They trust ...more
  • Revenge and Love

    We are born with a sense of justice. But because of this tendency, we tend to want to retaliate when we are unjustly treated. Walk in wisdom. Walk in community. Grow in our understanding of being children of God. Live with eternity in mind. Preached at Village Church. Used by permission.
  • Fig Leaves, Lies and the Grace of God

    Galatians attacks the two false ideas about fullness that have Jesus' name on them. Galatians is going to deconstruct legalism, the idea that, I can control God's affection for me by my behavior, that I will earn his approval by what I do. It's an outside-in type of religion that says, I ultimately control God. The other error is really the error ...more
  • Youth: The Time to Change the World for Christ

    King Solomon teaches in Ecclesiastes that the time to surrender to God and serve Him well is in our youth, when we are strong and visionary. God can maximize our ministry as we give our lives to Him at an early age.
  • A Shepherd and His "Pretend" Sheep

    Getting the gospel right matters. We must see God correctly, and teach the right view of God. When we model the Christian faith, our sheep see what a true believer looks like. Have you soft-sold the message of the gospel to hold onto the people? The church of today needs repentance.
  • Brain Cancer Survivor: Rejoice and Remember God

    Brain cancer survivor Matt Chandler talks about making the most of every moment by rejoicing in God and remembering His goodness, His redemption and His sovereignty. Every day, we are several hours closer to stand in front of our Great Father. Sermon courtesy of The Gospel Coalition.