Max Lucado Messages

Max Lucado is best-known as a best-selling author around the world. He is pastor of preaching and writing at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. Max's Outlive Your Life sermons are featured on Preach It, Teach It along with others that will captivate you with word pictures that bring the Bible alive. 

  • You Will Survive This Storm

    We learn from Paul's bout with the stormy Mediterranean Sea that all of us occasionally face "the perfect storm." When a sequence of catastrophic events rock our world, Paul reminds us to listen to rebuke when needed, remember that we belong to God and we are not alone. Finally, God will keep us in His service until His work through us is complete. ...more
  • Joshua's Jericho: Fight with God's Battle Plan

    God's plan for Israel's victory over Jericho teaches us about spiritual warfare. The ram’s horn celebrated a battle already won. Blast your ram’s horn. Sing songs of redemption, declare scriptures of triumph and keep walking in obedience to God. God has already promised a victory. Preached at Chase Oaks Church. Used by permission. 
  • God, Controller of Nations

    God is the God of the nations. Egypt's pharoah, Persia's Cyrus, Artaxerxes of Persia among others were guided by the hand of God to carry out His plan. God protects His territory. God is above them all and overseas them all. So, while others get anxious, we pray: unite us, strengthen us and appoint and anoint our leaders. From ...more
  • Bigger Than You (Acts 1)

  • Does Your "Inner Circle" See Jesus in You?

    “When Jesus was preparing to return to his father, he commissioned his friends to go—to astronomically expand the impact of their lives.  He called them to action in Acts 1:8;  to a mission that spanned the globe. “You shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” Our mission is the same today, though our ...more
  • Making Peace with Your Past

    In Message 19 of Max Lucado's "Outlive Your Life" series, Pastor Lucado discusses how God allows us to move on from the mistakes of our past to find our hope in Christ. Visit Used by permission.
  • Surviving Setbacks (Joseph)

    The setbacks that Joseph faced assure us that God has not forgotten us, no matter how difficult our life has become. Seeing God's hand at work in Joseph's life gives us hope to endure our challenges and grow closer to God. For sermons by Pastors Max Lucado and Randy Frazee, go to
  • Get in the Middle of Something and Pray

    When Jesus was preparing to return to his father, He commissioned his friends to go—to astronomically expand the impact of their lives. He called them to action in Acts 1:8; to a mission that spanned the globe. “You shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” Our mission is the same today, though our ...more
  • How God Saves the Day

    As followers of The Way fled persecution in Jerusalem, they carried the message of salvation with them to places previously unreached by the Gospel (Acts 8:1-4). But it was in Antioch of Syria where the church first became intentional about sending missionaries to the “ends of the earth”. From three different chapters in the Book of Acts we gather ...more
  • Ask Max: Suffering, Racism, Anxiety and Unanswered Prayer

    Does God answer prayer? We should make legitimate requests offered with respect and kindness, like a child to a father, and fitting into the scope of what God wants to do on earth. Suffering is often a crisis of faith because of unmet expectations. Paul teaches that our sufferings are "lightweight" compared to heavenly glory. Anxiety about tomorrow ...more
  • Really Lame: Peter and John's Bold Prayer to Heal a Beggar

    Peter and John encountered a man over 40 years old, begging outside a Temple gate. He was lame from birth and probably excluded from full access to the Temple all his life (Lev. 21:17-20). They healed him in the name of Jesus which attracted a crowd, preached the Gospel which increased the number of believers to 5,000, riled the Jewish authorities, ...more
  • You Can Rest Now: The Rest of Faith

    We live in a tired society, a weary generation. Will you choose to go back to the slavery of Egypt like the faithless Israelites? God had delivered them. Will you choose, after being saved and redeemed by God, to work for your salvation, trapped by legalism? You can rest now.
  • When God Unshells His People

    When Paul said his last good-byes to the churches he had planted on the three missionary journeys, he considered his work finished in that part of the world (Rom. 15:23). He would in the future continue to write letters to these churches, but his desire was to preach the gospel where Christ had never been preached (Rom. 15:20). He chose a course ...more
  • Paul: A Terrorist Is Tamed

    Paul describes his own religious credentials in Acts 22, and Philippians 3. However, when we read the story of his conversion, we know him only as a leader in a Jewish movement to persecute, terrorize, and destroy the rapidly expanding church. If Saul could be struck down by the Light of the world and turned to follow Jesus Christ, then there is ...more
  • Blast a Few Walls: Impact the Lives of Others

    The world is waiting for the witness and presence of God. Billions of people live below the poverty line, millions of children go hungry around the globe, and preventable disease claims thousands of lives daily. But we each have the opportunity to impact the lives of those around us. Phillip in the book of Acts crossed the boundaries of culture to ...more