Mosaic: Connecting With God and Others

"Mosaic" describes the interdependence we have with God through Jesus Christ and our brothers and sisters in Christ. Spirituality and identity can only be found in the context of community. 

  • Cycle of Evangelism and Spiritual Growth

    We witness at every stage of our spiritual growth, but we evangelize more effectively as we mature in Christ. Fishing for lost souls looks like accepting the rejected, supporting the struggling and comforting the hurting, the example Jesus sets.
  • Reading the Bible Relationally

    Many of us analyze the Bible to resolve doctrinal and behavioral questions instead of immersing ourselves in a story that is intended to saturate our heart, soul and mind. To delve into the feelings and emotions that underlie our actions and behaviors, we must ask the relational questions grounded in Matthew 22:  How does this passage relate to ...more
  • Jesus and His Small Group

    Jesus, in His humanity, demonstrated that we all need friends. He was despised, so His disciples showed Him love and respect. He was rejected, so His small group gave Him acceptance. He was sorrowful, so they provided comfort and encouragement. Christ taught His small group to meet the needs of others.
  • Life Change

    What is authentic life change? What I say I believe will not change me. What I think I believe will not alter my lifestyle. What I reveal I believe, my core script, is what transforms my life.