Pastor to Pastor podcasts provide invaluable information regarding leadership, church ministry and counseling for spiritual leaders. 

  • Podcast: Health and Healthy Relationships

    Regarding health, get the facts, understand the layers of health care, explore treatment options, seek wise spiritual counsel and take a personal inventory. Team up with family and friends, support groups and mentors, clergy and prayer partners, doctors, pharmacists, mental health professionals, dietitians and alternative health care providers.
  • Methods of Defusing Anxiety

    Anxiety may be healed by discovering underlying assumptions that cause automatic negative thinking. For example, questions like "What is the evidence that this is true? Can you designate a time to worry and then put worry thoughts aside for the day? Is there something different that might happen rather than the scenario you've imagined?" These and ...more
  • Healing Misplaced Guilt and Faulty Thinking

    Christian psychologist Dr. Chet Weld discusses six primary drivers that skew our self-image and lead to faulty thinking.
  • Forgiveness, Worry and Loneliness

    Reduce stress by forgiving others, avoiding anxiety and depression, practicing gratefulness and developing a support system.
  • Identify and Beat Anxiety Podcast

    Dr. Chet Weld speaks on identifying anxiety in your life and recognizing the patterns of automatic negative thinking and faulty assumptions. By understanding these key issues, we can find great peace and freedom in our lives.
  • Toxic Relationships: Identify the Interpersonal Traits of Unsafe People

    Unsafe people can sabotage relationships by dishonesty, selfishness, control, condemnation, codependence, betrayal and secrecy. Learn how to discern the relationships in your life that are healthy and productive.
  • How to Deal with Safe and Unsafe People in your Life

    It's important to let the right people into our personal lives. Some people we should let into our personal lives and others just aren't safe because we must guard our hearts from lies, temptations, discouragement, anything that would entice us away from God's character or from His promises. Personal traits of safe and unsafe people are identified ...more
  • Playing to Your Strengths Part One

    International church and business consultant Tom Lutz discusses the importance of recognizing your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and allowing them to shape your ministry.
  • Spirituality, Self-Image and Vision

    De-stressing essentials include cultivating true spirituality, developing a positive self-image and focusing on positive dreams and goals for your life.
  • Living a Balanced and Healthy Life

    It is important to reduce stress by setting a wise balance in this imbalanced world and by being proactive in preventing disease.
  • Media and Technology in Ministry

    Dallas Seminary dialogue features Mark Yarborough, Don Regier, Wayne Walker and John Dyer discussing blogs, podcasts, social networking, texting and video in today's ministry settings.
  • Now is the Time to Reach the World for Christ

    President of Eagle Television in Mongolia shares his story-his call to missions, the open door for the gospel and how we can be involved.
  • Re-Group: Recovering From Setbacks

    Surrendering to God's will, re-assessing our strengths and weaknesses and discerning the passions God has given us enable us to recover from failure and loss.
  • Vision-Casting and Measuring Success

    As pastors and leaders, we must know ourselves well, understand our audience (congregation) and determine what success would look like. Pastors can learn much through studying basic business principles of leadership and studying biblical principles of leadership.
  • Techniques for Implementing Change

    Implementing change in your church is an art. An effective communication plan is needed, every level of leadership must take ownership in implementing change, and the effectiveness of change should be measured. Learning to step back from change when it's not working is also important.
  • Single-Parent Programs for Your Church and Community

    Pastor Bob Robinson, founder of Parenting Alone, gives practical, helpful information to pastors and church leaders upon developing single-parent ministries in a church and community setting. He also highlights valuable books, speakers and websites for helping single parents. 
  • Missionary Courage

    Wycliffe missionaries Larry and Nancy Hagberg share their story of the joys and challenges of translating God's Word and evangelizing an unreached people group.
  • Heroic Faith

    Wycliffe missionaries Larry and Nancy Hagberg relate a remarkable story of faith in the midst of cancer, a near-fatal car crash and floods. God's Word is the powerful, sustaining force in their lives.
  • Leading Through Change

    A great leader has a clear vision, an awareness of the needs of the people he leads and a clear communication plan for implementing change. The goal is to bring along even the "slow followers" to a place of consensus and support. Order Tom Lutz's Book: Navigating Your Change Mazes
  • Squeeze: Too Many Jobs, Too Little Time

    Nationally-known church and business consultant Tom Lutz discusses the importance of prioritizing relationships, responsibilities and roles. We must allocate our resources wisely and learn to delegate successfully.
  • Leaders and Managers: Are They the Same?

    Nationally-known business and church consultant Tom Lutz teaches that great leaders innovate, develop, inspire trust, think long-range and make wise choices. Great managers administer, maintain, control resources and develop systems for accomplishing the tasks at hand. We must know the difference and operate in our strengths.
  • Effective Management

    Nationally-known church and business consultant discusses the role of a manager: to supervise people and to obtain and allocate resources. The supervising manager knows how to recruit, organize, utilize, develop, motivate, promote and release employees. He can budget resources such as finances, facilities, equipment, staff and time.
  • Conflict Resolution Part Two

    Techniques for diffusing conflict are discussed, and methods for breaking unhealthy alliances are suggested. Conflict does not have to destroy relationships. We can become peacemakers.
  • Conflict Resolution Part One

    Drs. Chet Weld and Roger Barrier discuss how to avoid destructive alliances that will destroy unity. A conflict intensity scale is described, and ways to deflect conflict are discussed.
  • Anatomy of Addiction

    Drs. Roger Barrier and Steve Dowdle discuss how to identify addictive behaviors, how to do an intervention for a loved one, and how to cope with a family member who is in trouble. Churches can provide support as well. 
  • Four Kinds of People Who Refuse to Change Part Two

    Four personality disorders (histrionic, dependent, anti-social and borderline) receive detailed examination because they are among the most commonly encountered in church ministry. The challenge posed by these difficult personalities force pastors to weigh the duty of care they can give. 
  • Four Kinds of People Who Refuse to Change Part One

    Dr. Steven Dowdle, well-known pastor, psychologist and educator describes four personality types that are resistant to counseling and church ministry. How does a pastor handle these difficult cases?
  • How to Teach Your Child About Sex Podcast

    Marilyn Morris, founder and president of Aim For Success, Inc. and author of Teens, Sex and Choices  and  ABCs of the Birds and Bees for Parents of Toddler to Teens has been sharing the message of sexual abstinence for 23 years. She has been featured on the Discovery Channel, the Jane Pauley Show, National Public Radio (NPR – "All Things ...more
  • Navy Diver, Power-Lifter Turned Pastor

    Dr. Brad Tuttle shares his colorful testimony beginning with his daring days as a Navy deep sea diver and nationally-known power lifter. He shares his journey around the globe as a member of the evangelistic "Power Team" and his current calling as a pastor.
  • The Roles We Play

    Drs. Roger Barrier and Chet Weld discuss life themes that impact our self-image, our self-talk and our decisions. These powerful "life scripts" can be positive or negative. Only through an intimate relationship with Christ can these scripts be re-written. 
  • Take Off The Church Face

    "Authenticity" is a buzzword frequently used by emerging church leaders. However,"being real" as a ministry couple just isn't that easy. Roger and Julie Barrier discuss the unrealistic expectations that cause pastors to step on the pedestal, and how to live lives of integrity. 
  • Healing Damaged Emotions Part Two

    Dr. Chet Weld continues the discussion of identifying and healing hurts. If we bury emotions, we bury them alive and they will always surface in destructive ways that sabotage our relationships. He provides helpful tools for handling our pain.
  • How to Win at Parish Poker

    Knowing how many chips you have can win or lose the game of ministry. Leading people is about choosing your battles wisely and navigating change well. Valuable relationships that foster trust and confidence will bind a pastor to his people.
  • Beating Pornography Part Two

    Drs. Chet Weld and Roger Barrier continue their discussion about pornography-its damaging effects on families, and constructive ways to begin to obtain freedom from its grasp.
  • Beating Pornography Part One

    Drs. Chet Weld and Roger Barrier discuss the prevalence of pornography in our culture and how it affects the marriage relationship. Is pornography grounds for divorce? How do you know if you are addicted to pornography? 
  • Healing Damaged Emotions

    Dr. Weld discusses the negative messages we receive in our growing-up years, how to process them and how to discover our true identity in Christ.
  • Write A Bible Study People Will Actually Finish

    Brie Wetherbee, author, theological and content editor for a multitude of ministries and publishers, shares her helpful tips for creating small group Bible Studies, daily devotionals and Christian education curriculum. How do you properly interpret the Bible passage? What is the goal of your study? How do you keep your audience interested? ...more
  • Marriage and the Money Crunch

    Recession can bring stress to any family. How can we learn to communicate our financial priorities, budget our funds, save for the future and give to the poor? Drs. Roger and Julie Barrier talk about the ins and outs of family finances.
  • The Best Advice We Ever Got

    Pastors Barrier and Barteau share real-life experiences that have shaped their ministries.  Crisis management, recovering from failure and processing pain are discussed. Identifying key influencers and energizing friends can enhance life.
  • Surviving Adolescence

    Surviving adolescence is more challenging today because the transition has lengthened. Greater challenges face young adults as they seek to get established.
  • Help Your Pastor's Kid

    Pastor Roger Barrier and daughter Brianna Barrier Wetherbee discuss managing expectations, dealing with pressure and living in the fishbowl of the parsonage.
  • Urban Evangelism through Music Ministry

    Kevin and Tanisha Hamilton, founders of Southwest Soul Circuit Ministries, describe their passion for evangelism through music. The Hamiltons share their testimonies, their marriage journey and their vision for ministry. Urban gospel music concerts are combined with inner city service events.
  • Effective Sermon Preparation

    Preparing great sermons requires time, energy, creativity and perseverance. A pastor must be authentic and sensitive to the needs of his congregation.
  • Help Your Pastor's Kid Part 2

    Pastor Roger Barrier and daughter Brianna Barrier Engeler describe unique stressors on pastor's children. Pastor's kids can be helped by their parents when they demonstrate realistic expectations, empathy and right priorities.
  • Pastor and Worship Leader Teamwork

    Pastors and worship leaders often have to overcome challenges because of different perspectives and approaches to creating an effective service. Many of these obstacles can be overcome by prayer, honest communication, empathy, common goals and a consistent work ethic.  Humility and patience can solidify a team.
  • Christmas Service Planning

    Pastors, worship leaders, creative teams and volunteers should collaborate to produce fresh, worshipful seasonal services. Emotional and spiritual needs of the congregation should be addressed. Planning, resource allocation and recruiting are important.
  • The Pastor's Support Team

    Every pastor needs safe people in his congregation to listen, love and support him. Ralph Tacker, father-in-law of Roger Barrier, chats about the pastors he has loved and the ways laymen can encourage their leaders.
  • Parenting Ins and Outs

    Invest time and energy in your children. Build them up according to their needs. The goal is to be adult friends when they leave home.
  • Refocus to Reach Out

    Churches have different strong suits. Each individual fellowship can refocus to prioritize reaching its community for Christ.
  • Raising the Temperature of Evangelism in Your Church

    Help your congregation to become passionate about sharing their faith. All churches have a focus: teaching, prayer, worship and counseling. However, every church should evangelize.
  • Recharging Your Batteries

    Wide-ranging interests and diversions will produce a rested and well-rounded pastor.  Spiritual, emotional and physical wellness will prolong a pastor's ministries.  Priorities must be set and boundaries must be established.
  • The Pastor as Employer

    Pastors Barrier and Barteau share real-life experiences that have shaped their ministries.  Crisis management, recovering from failure and processing pain are discussed. Identifying key influencers and energizing friends can enhance life.
  • Evaluating and Equipping Employees

    Building an efficient staff is predicated on a clear understanding of the unique skills of employees.  Personnel must be evaluated for their competency, passion and teachable hearts. Cooperation and flexibility can make or break a good team member.
  • Learning to Lead

    Pastors Barrier and Barteau discuss elements of effective leadership. How do you measure your skill and potential? How do you deal with opposition or cultivate competent lay-leader teams? Pastors are challenged to grow in integrity and influence.