Prayer Series

The Lord's Prayer is a model for learning to commune with God in intimacy. We praise Him, acknowledge His holiness, join Him in His kingdom work, and take our needs to Him knowing He will listen and answer. 

  • Prayer: The Blueprint

    The Lord's Prayer is the blueprint for every believer's prayer life. By personalizing this model prayer, we learn how to be genuine with God and bring His will to bear in our lives. We are reminded that prayer should include praise, thanksgiving, worship, forgiveness and supplication.
  • Praying the Names of God

    Praying the powerful names of God is the way Jesus prays. He is intimately connected with His Heavenly Father, so He knows both the Father's heart and the Father's will. When we focus on God's attributes, we can pray in confidence that He will hear and answer.
  • An Invitation to Prayer

    Prayer is a constant communion with God. We must catch His heartbeat and purposes, access His kingdom power and provisions for life and submit to His will. As we make ourselves available to God in prayer, our intimacy with Him grows.