Preach It, Teach It Pastor Sermons

  • Adulting: Once a Man, Twice a Child

    How are we, as the men and the women of the house, going to rise up and be the adults that God has called us to be and to do the adulting that God has called us to do? Maturity is it's not just what you are. It's also what you choose to do. Paul teaches the church in Corinth that living out Christ's love causes us to truly grow up.  Preached at ...more
  • When Pain Becomes Your Pulpit: Psalm 9

    What do you do when you feel that the world has gathered against you? The hardest thing you ever do is to wait in God's promises and rest. That's where you come to know Him. God doesn't cater to wicked men. He breaks them and brings them to repentance. Your pain is going to become your pulpit if you wait long enough and trust Him.   Preached at ...more
  • God, I Don't Understand! Habakkuk

    Some of you are losing sleep over what you don't understand about God. Habakkuk gives you the answers and a way to process your doubts and discouragement.
  • How Do You Rest in Faith?

    Fatih is a way of trusting, acting and resting. Faith isn’t about you. It’s about God... it is true and real no matter what you do or think. Have the faith to let go of what I could never gain so you can finally embrace what you already have.  Preached at Casas Church
  • One More Night with the Frogs!

    Egypt suffered horribly when God sent the plague of the frogs. Frogs were everywhere, but Pharaoh waited to call for Moses. In the same way, we tolerate sin in our lives and incur the judgment of God. Why didn't we just call on God and get rid of the "frogs" in our lives. 
  • Igniting Kingdom Power Through Prayer

    If you want heaven's power, you must be cultivating spiritual intimacy. Expand your capacity for God to do more for you and in you. Don't be content with mediocre faith. Become drenched in God's power and presence. 
  • Find God's Buried Treasure for You!

    When our dreams are shattered, can we actually experience the grace of God in the midst of our humanity, watch God's spirit move in a powerful way, in a vibrant way, even at times through dysfunctional people. And that's the power and capacity that can be seen and experienced in the local Church. When we're hurt, we're going to work through it in a ...more
  • Psalm 5: The Prayer to Pray in Darkness

    We all struggle with evil. David expressed his sorrow and frustration in this psalm. "How Long, O God?" David struggled – and then he prayed fervently. When pain, heartache, injustice and confusion come, it’s our foxhole moment, our desperate prayer. Used by permission.   
  • Beatitudes: Blessings of the Kingdom

    The Beatitudes are the blessings that accrue to Kingdom people...not church people - Kingdom people. Kingdom people are the men and women, boys and girls, who consciously, upfront, unapologetically flow under the rule of God. Preached at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. From   
  • The Truth About Dishonesty

    Dishonesty begins when you avoid conflict and intimacy. Dishonesty is based on the fear of revealing your weaknesses. Be authentic and give grace. Allow others to extend grace and acceptance to you. Sermon begins at 36 mins.  Preached at Casas Church. Used by permission.
  • Burden-Bearing: True Spirituality

    Paul teaches in Galatians 5:24 through 6:10 that true spirituality is manifested in a loving concern for others. The crucified life is a life of love and self-sacrifice. Help those beneath you. Honor those above you. Help those around you. Preached at Denton Bible Church, Used by permission.
  • The Majesty of God's Names

    You can call upon God's name in every situation you face. You can trust in His name. His name must be revered, not emptied of its power. God is powerful, personal and cares for you! Preached at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. To order "The Power of God's Names," click HERE.
  • Elisha: What to Do in the Absence of a Crisis

    Elisha gave up a profitable career to become a penniless prophet. What do we learn? Crisis can be catalyst for change, but how do we change in the absence of one? We learn from the life of Elisha how to go through the unbearable and uncomfortable to reach the unstoppable.  Preached at Fresh Life Church. 
  • Camels, Needles and Spoons: Jesus' Teachings on Money

    What myths do you believe about money? If we follow God’s plan, He’ll do more through us together than we could ever do on our own. Message entitled, "Camels and Needles and Spoons" from Fresh Life Church.
  • God Has a Plan (40 Days)

    Our life plan is not accidental. The Bible teaches that Our perspective, observation, revelation must be grounded in God's Word. We are Overcomers because God has called us and God is with us.  The second message in this Lifeway series may be found here. Sermon entitled "40 Days" from 
  • Think Like a Wolf

    We must declare war on the version of ourselves we don’t like, we are encouraged to be intentional with our thoughts. Negative thinking cannot lead to a positive life. Preached at Fresh Life Church. Used by permission.
  • Unashamed

    Shame doesn’t have to hold you back. In Unashamed, Christine Caine will share how her own journey through shame showed her how God had something better in store for her--and that He has something better for you, too. Find your purpose, learn to defeat shame, and become the person God wants you to be as you discover what it means to live #Unashamed. ...more
  • Should I Care What You Think?

    In a world dominated by social media, it is easy to compare ourselves to others and to become discontent with our lives. It is also easy for us to judge others because of their lifestyles while claiming we don’t care what other people think of ours. But the truth is we care what other people think, and we struggle with the same insecurities as ...more
  • Revelation 22: What Happens After the End?

    The Book of Revelation recounts the events of the End Times, weaving God's plan at the creation to the wrath of God, the final judgment, and the eternal reign of Christ in the New Heaven and the New Earth. But how does the history of the world close? What does John write at the end of his book? We must know! Preached at Denton Bible Church. Used ...more
  • How Can I Forgive Betrayal?

    Some might have experienced the forgiveness of Christ but you are still living as though you are in debt. You feel as though you need to add onto the cost of Christ’s payment. You’re in a self-made debtor’s prison of fear and guilt and shame and bitterness. The price has been paid. Experience the freedom that has been given to you. Preached at New ...more
  • Come Back from Grief

    Pastor Levi uses 2 Timothy 1:10 to show how Jesus turned off the darkness and brought life through the Gospel. Pastor Levi gives four ways to make it through grief, from remembering how close Heaven is, sticking together in LifeGroups, facing our pain head-on, and calling on God.
  • Revelation: The False Prophet

    The false prophet in Revelation is the mouthpiece for the Antichrist and brings the world to its knees to worship this false Savior. Who is he and what does he say?  Preached at Denton Bible Church. Used by permission. 
  • Doomsday: Revelation 6

    Revelation 6 is an unfolding of God's judgment in the Tribulation. Discover the antichrist and afterlife. What will these times look like? Man, who has rejected his Creator, will suddenly see God as He really is! Preached at Denton Bible Church. Used by permission. 
  • The Throne Room of God: Revelation 4

    John the Apostle gives us a glimpse of God's Throne Room in Heaven and the throng around the throne. Who are the beasts and the elders? What can we learn from this seldom-understood apocalyptic vision in Revelation? This powerful sermon will take you there and give you a window into God's comprehensive plan to redeem Man and His creation.   ...more
  • Marriage: The Challenge of Intimacy

    The greatest human need is to be loved...we know that…but for a lot of us…we don’t actually make the time to be vulnerable enough to allow ourselves to be loved or to love without reservation.  You are loved by God…you are adored by God…receive that…believe that so that you might be able to give that!   We’ve got to stop pretending like we don’t ...more
  • How to Think Like a Christian about Money

    God's way to financial freedom requires discipline. Live on what you have. Don't go into debt. Give to God. Save for the future.  Resource courtesy of
  • How Can I Forgive?

    Most of us have been hurt by someone we know or someone we love. Sometimes, our reaction is to disconnect from that person and hold a grudge or to hurt that person in the same way. However, holding grudges and seeking revenge will not take away our hurt, but it can take away our happiness. The best thing we can do is to forgive others because we ...more
  • Three Keys to Discipling Your Family

    Time, moments and milestones are keys to leading your family in spiritual growth. Model Christlikeness with commitment: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  Preached at Village Church. Used by permission.
  • Going the Distance

    Jesus had to live a worthy life to die and unworthy death. He didn’t just die for me. He died as me. That’s the power of salvation.” God had faith in you enough to let His Son die just in case you decided to serve Him later. Preached for
  • Exodus: Signs and Wonders

    God is not silent. His Word is clear, sufficient and authoritative. He continues to perform the miraculous and to intervene for His people.
  • To Hell and Back: Jesus Frees the Demoniac

    The Gadarene demoniac was desperate and destroyed. Even in his deranged state, he ran to Jesus and knelt at his feet. No one is too far from God to worship and get victory. Why is worship so powerful and important to God? John Gray's preaching is both hilarious, spiritual and profound. Don't miss this! Used by permission of Elevation Church. 
  • If you have to see it to believe it...Ask Peter

    Peter heard Jesus teach, saw His miracles, sensed His power and touched His grave clothes. Where in your life are you able to "witness" God at work in your life? Hear, see, sense and experience Christ. Don't just be a bystander. Be a witness! Preached at Hope Fellowship Church Frisco, Texas.
  • Today's Decisions Determine Who You'll Be Tomorrow

    Life is done by little decisions. The purpose of self-discipline is that we might be godly. Reclaim the hours of your day that are wasted by reading God's Word, great books and quality conversations with your family. Follow those who have finished well.  Desiring God Conference 2011, Used by permission.
  • Satan's Secret Strategy: Identify and Overcome!

    Know your Enemy's strategy: temptation, lies and condemnation. Overcome by being tethered to the truth, led by the Holy Spirit and understanding the compassion of God. Only those who know Satan's nature can uncover his schemes. From Used by permission.
  • Abraham's Story: How to Learn from Your Mistakes

    God allows us to see flaws in Bible characters to help us identify with them and learn from their poor choices. Abram lied, Sarai was impatient. Their mistakes almost cost them their lives. We must learn how to recover from wrong turns by being teachable, patient and wise. Preached at Hope Fellowship Church. Used by permission.
  • How to Succeed at Dating and Marriage

    When I meet the right person, everything will be all right. This way of thinking creates trouble in our dating lives and sets us up for trouble in marriage. In this message, Andy challenges us to ask ourselves Am I the person the person I'm looking for is looking for? And he previews God's list of behaviors that will lead to success in dating and ...more
  • How You Can Pray for Racial Reconciliation

    The Bible gives us a model of racial reconciliation. We are neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, but all deeply loved in God's eyes. Jesus came to reconcile the world to Himself. We reflect His character when we pray for peace and love our neighbors. As those forgiven by God, Christians can humbly approach those who have been affected by our sin ...more
  • Fight to Protect Our Next Generation

    Have you ever tried to make a photocopy of a photocopy? Maintaining the quality is always a problem. And it's happening in us the same way with every generation today. We're losing quality. We're losing faith. We're losing the power of the Gospel in us. We might be a generation away from losing it entirely. In this series, we take back the next ...more
  • Lasting Marriage: Going the Distance

    Marriages come in seasons: the romantic season of intense passion and unrealistic bliss, selective blindness and excessive loss of judgment, debt. The reality season includes eyes opened, work, kids, bills and sheer perseverance. The rich season for those who make it include rewards, experience, investments and romance. A persevering marriage has a ...more
  • God's Artistry: Unleash His Creative Power in You

    We are created in the image of God...which means we are all innately creative like Him. If you saw Jesus as an Artist, what kind of art would He create? What would be the reflection of the essence of Jesus? Jesus' miracle of turning water into wine shows us His creative power. This is how God works in our lives. This is the creative process, is ...more
  • White Noise: Tune Out Other's Expectations

    Our lives are filled with white noise: the expectations of others that distract us from God's calling for our lives. How do we tune out "white noise." hear God speak and bravely follow His will?  Preached at Casas Church. Used by permission.
  • What's the Point? The Good Samaritan

    What is the point of Jesus' parables? We must learn the context, the question and the hinge moment (the outlandish surprise element). The legal experts only wanted to call other Jews their neighbors. Jesus surprised them by saying a hated enemy, a Samaritan, lovingly saved the wounded man. Preached at Casas Church.
  • Holy Moments Change Us: Transfiguration

    Mark 9 allows us an eyewitness account of a mountain top experience Jesus has with some of his early followers. It’s known as the ‘transfiguration’ – which is a fancy name to communicate that Jesus reveals more of who He really is to them. There are some lessons here for us. Life is only lived in one direction – forward. God moments are just that, ...more
  • First Responder's Day

    Casas Church devotes a day to honor First Responders. In a culture filled with fear, we must trust God and pray for those who protect us. Remember who you are, where you came from, what God has done in you. Remember the gift God has given you - life, grace, influence. God wants to do great things through you in this world. Don't let fear diminish ...more
  • LGBT: The Church and Sexuality

    We are sexual beings. This sermon from Esther clarifies what the Bible teaches about sexuality, and examination of Bible wisdom on how we, as Christ-followers should relate to a culture that has a very different perspective. It is when we meet Christ in our deepest struggles that we grow the most, and those who struggle most deeply have the ...more
  • Ishmael People and Isaac People

    Whereas Isaac was entirely God’s doing, Ishmael was the result of Abraham’s doing. Where Isaac was a gift according to grace, Ishmael was a work of the flesh The contrast between self-reliance and God-dependence for our relational standing with Him These represent the 2 different ways of relating to God: law versus grace, flesh versus Spirit. ...more
  • Paul on Friendship: Loyalty and Usefulness

    The Apostle Paul faced his approaching death with confidence in God, but also with real vulnerability. In this message from the concluding verses of 2 Timothy, Alistair Begg directs our attention to the important roles that Luke, Mark, and Tychicus played in the life and ministry of Paul. By their loyalty and usefulness, these men illustrate the ...more
  • The Other Side of Grace

    We, the church, are the bridge God created to impart grace to the world. We must appropriate the grace God has given us. We don't go to church, we are the church. How do we know that we are doing church right? We grow in knowledge, love and service. Preached at North Coast Church. Used by permission.
  • David's Courage: David and Goliath

    The classic story of David and Goliath answers the question, "What does real courage look like?" David's heart surfaces in this story of fear and faith. "David showed us that when the odds truly are against us and re feel overwhelmed, the single most important thing we can ever do is to remember what is most real-the character, power and rule of ...more
  • The Allure of Lust: David and Bathsheba

    King David's affair shows us that we all are vulnerable. Remember that you are weaker than you think you are. Run. Avoid tempting situations and redirect your energies, especially if pornography is involved. Find someone who fought the same temptations and secure their help. Confess to God and receive His strength, wisdom and forgiveness.  ...more
  • Losing Your Marbles: Don't Let Time Steal Your Family

    "Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Number your days, seize opportunities to love and mold your children. When you see how much time you have left, you get serious about the time you have now. Preached at National Community Church. Sermon begins at 4:00 minutes.
  • How to Love Your Church

    Why do so many Christians love Jesus but not the church? Perhaps they have experienced hurt and disappointment. Are you happy with your church? Love for the church comes from seeing the presence, power and work of God in the midst of that Body.The Church is God's work. His vision is glorious. Preached in Gospel Coalition, Regional Conference, ...more
  • The Caleb Generation

    Caleb, on the brink of the Promised Land, at 85 years old said, I was 45 years old when God sent me to survey the land, and at 85 I'm still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out. Now, give me that mountain! Caleb generation people have to learn to fight the right battles, swim against the tide, avoid negativity and follow the Lord ...more
  • Mordecai Was Great

    In an unbelieving culture, Mordecai held an integrity that was used by God to deliver the Jewish people. Mordecai's role as a peacemaker points forward to the complete peace and deliverance provided to us in the Lord Jesus. Pastor Begg's sermons may be found at
  • Builders: The Persevering Generation

    We are inspired to persevere, to protect each other and to live with strong values and strong faith from the builder generation. From them, we can be inspired to press on in our walk with God and bring in the Kingdom. In a relativistic society, builders struggle with the absence of absolute truth and values. Jesus prayed for us to be one body in ...more
  • Generations: Boomers, Agents of Change

    Jesus was a change agent. He redefined the spiritual life, from a religious construct to a relationship with God. He elevated the value of people, even people who seemed to be total outcasts. Peter changed the early church on the issue of Gentile Christians. He moved the church to embrace Gentiles as brothers in Christ without having to become ...more
  • Feast of Booths: God's Protective Care

    The Feast of Booths is all about this homecoming - the journey the Israelites would make and the disappointments they would have to face . It is the feast of God to remember God's protection and care.
  • Feast of Weeks: God Loves and Values You

    You have value because God values you. It has nothing to do with being worthy of it.  Rely on God. The Feast of Weeks celebrates His unconditional love and grace.
  • Jesus' Model for Leadership

    Jesus was a master at developing leaders. He not only taught the twelve to lead, He taught them how to mentor leaders themselves. For example: James, the teacher; John, the inspirer; Barnabas, the encourager; Paul, the relational leader; Timothy, the value-creator; Peter, the builder. Preached at Casas Church. Used by permission.
  • Baptizo: The Meaning of Baptism

    Jesus commanded us to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit just before ascending into heaven. The word baptizo literally means "to immerse." It was commonly used to describe immersing a garment: first to bleach, then into dye. The bleach pictures our cleansing from sin, the dye allows the believer to become something new: a ...more
  • Running to Win

    No matter what age we are, the Bible tells us that there is still an incredible prize that awaits us. I can celebrate victory because I can celebrate Christ. 1 Corinthians 9:24-25 compares our faith journey to a race. If we want to get the most our of your walk with God, we must be disciplined and train. We must add to our routine Bible study, ...more
  • Awake to Life-Altering Love

    Resurrection is more than being set free from guilt-it's about being free to live. It's a story about lives forgiven, lives made new. It isn't just is is deep, rich, beautiful mountain-moving, life-altering love.
  • Big Shoes to Fill: Paul and Timothy

    In his second letter to Timothy, the Apostle Paul placed his "signature" at the beginning, as was customary at that time. Alistair Begg's message on these opening verses guides us through Paul's greeting to his younger colleague, as he prayed God would give him "grace, mercy, and peace." 2 Timothy 1:1-3 Visit Truth for Life, the ministry of ...more
  • Who Do I Want to Be? Core Scripts

    1.     Public beliefs: Public beliefs are things we espouse because they help us fit in, or navigate our human environment.  2.     Private beliefs are things that we sincerely believe or desire to be true. But they are tied to other values and circumstances. We all have core scripts: of all different kinds-good or bad. They are the things ...more
  • Who Do I Want to Be?

    When we talk about life, we are talking about a deep belief that God has created all of us to be exactly what He envisions for us to be. Our main problem is not what we think about God but what God thinks about us. We often see Him as demanding, distant or disappointed. The truth is, He delights in us! Sermon begins @ 30 minutes, 20 seconds.
  • Redefining Work

    This is a plenary session for Gospel Coalition. Can our Christian faith penetrate the workplace? Absolutely! Here are four ways your faith can shape your work. The story we have to put our work into is creation, fall, redemption and restoration. Preached at 2013 Gospel Coalition Conference. Used by permission of Gospel Coalition.
  • Are People Without Christ Really Lost?

    God's sovereignty in salvation, justice in condemnation, His grace through Christ, His power through the Holy Spirit and His wisdom in committing such a vital task of preaching the Gospel to people such as us. How do we embrace our responsibility in all of this? Dr. Davis teaches that only those who place their faith in Christ-the Christ of the ...more
  • Stronger: Living in Freedom (Romans 8)

    Romans 8 is a powerful picture of victory in Christ. Because we are unconditionally loved and freed from condemnation, we can be completely honest and vulnerable before God. We are to use our freedom to engage with Him and His Word. Instead of a body of death (Romans 7), we are given a powerful new life (Romans 8).  Preached at Central Christian ...more
  • Counterfeit Gods

    Plenary session for Passion Conference. What thing, if you lost it, would cause you to lose the will to live? Harsh economic realities are casting new light on the pursuits of sex, money, and success for happiness: careers, fortunes, marriages, and retirement security have collapsed. Many feel lost, disenchanted, and resentful. This sermon reveals ...more
  • Helpless? Jesus and the Paralyzed Man

    The greatest moments in human history have been those of Christian revival-moments marked by great swelling crowds who flock to hear the preaching of the Gospel. Those are moments in life when we find ourselves in such a place where the Gospel is being preached and our hearts are moved (particularly when we are moved to receive Christ) must be ...more
  • Magnify God as a Living Sacrifice

    The problem with a living sacrifice is the tendency to crawl off the altar. When we fail to allow God to be magnified by complete surrender to Him, we lose the opportunity to see Him manifest His glorious power in our lives.  Magnify Conference held at University Reformed Church April 5-6, 2013, Kevin de Young, pastor.  For more information, ...more
  • Ezra: Sometimes the Good Guys Don't Win!

    The people of Judah wanted to re-build the Temple in Jerusalem, but faced great opposition and had to abandon the task. The Jews were accused of being rebellious, and wanted to undermine their rulers. Because of these reports and the insecurity of their oppressors, building stopped and the attempt to rebuild the Temple failed. So what do we do when ...more
  • Thinking Like Jesus About Disability

    Jesus loves the disabled and uses them in a mighty way for His kingdom work. Like Paul, He uses weakness to build spiritual strength and great faith. Nancy Guthrie relates her own life experience as God has touched her life.  From Desiring God Conference 2013. Used by permission of Nancy Guthrie.
  • God's Intentional Detours

    Jesus launched his public ministry in Nazareth, a very small, very poor community. The people who lived in Nazareth knew what need really was..  We are facing life
  • And When I Come to Die

    What is your legacy? As Christians, we must be intentional about reminding the generations to come of God's provision in the past and his promise for the future. In this study from the life of Joseph, we see an example of steady obedience and trust in the faithfulness of God and a legacy of confidence that he will never fail to keep his word.
  • Is There Any Good News for Older Brothers and Older Sisters?

    The older brothers, or “self-righteous” and “faithful sons and daughters” can often resent the irresponsible behavior of their younger, more selfish counterparts. When the younger prodigal son asked for his inheritance, he basically insulted his father by saying he wished his father were dead so he could collect his due. The father’s graciousness ...more
  • Ruth: From Foreigner to King Jesus

    This dynamite sermon shows the foreshadowing of Jesus in the book of Ruth. Begg shows how we can interpret the Old Testament in light of the revelation of Christ in the New Testament. Jesus, the kinsman redeemer, saves and protects a penniless young woman and an elderly widow. The marriage of Ruth and Boaz produces a host of believers borne from ...more
  • The Global God and The Great Commission

    Louie Giglio shares his understanding of God's compassionate heart for all of the peoples of the world at the Desiring God National Conference. We can't be myopic, thinking only of ourselves in God's great scheme. We must have Jesus' global perspective. Desiring God 2011 National Conference.
  • Kingdom Growth: Wheat and Tares

    Have you ever grown or tended a garden? There is strategy involved. Within Matthew chapter 13 - Jesus launches into several parables that focus on this concept of Kingdom growth. Why doesn't God just 'fix' things now? We must grow where we're planted. The interwoven life of connection is one we're called to live - because the world needs us to and ...more
  • The Battle for Your Mind

    The battle for the mind of God's servants is continual and intense. Five principles for guarding your thoughts are 1. Don't believe everything you hear. 2. Guard your minds from garbage. 3. Never let up on learning. 4. Feed yourself on God's Word. 5. Let God stretch your imagination. Message delivered at Desiring God Conference, 2010. To attend ...more
  • Habakkuk in One Fell Swoop

    The prophet Habakkuk prophesied during the Babylonian occupation and questioned God about why the nation suffered so. At the end of the book, the prophet comes to faith and proclaims that he believes God regardless of the circumstances.
  • Philemon: Slave to Saint

    Paul, in prison, pleads to keep his new convert, the slave Onesimus, to minister to him. Paul writes to his Christian brother Philemon that the reason his slave was separated from him for a little while was that he might have Onesimus back forever no longer as a slave, but better than a slave, as a dear brother. Onesimus is no longer just a slave, ...more
  • He Must Increase and I Must Decrease

    The life of John the Baptist expressed how Christ can be reflected powerfully in our lives by being unconventional, uncompromising, bold and truly humble. So John sums up God’s work in verse 30: “He must increase and I must decrease.” He must. This is the plan of God. The Son of God, the bridegroom, will be exalted. He will be glorified. He will ...more
  • Difficult Truths: Sovereignty, Suffering and the Promise of Heaven

    We need to suffer in order to reign with Christ. When you are in the middle of suffering and you doubt that Jesus cares for you, picture Him stretching His scarred hands and showing you proof of His love for you. Desiring God Conference, Used by permission.
  • A Fresh Gospel: Restoring Broken People

    If we have a restoration mindset we’ll realize our job is to not state the Good News but to show up and be the Good News.Isaiah 58 says:…we will be restorers of streets to dwell in.This is our opportunity.The next generation isn’t leaving the Church because they don’t want to be Christians.The next generation is leaving the church is ...more
  • Renew Your Marriage: Love and Submission?

    The concept of loving submission for the wife and gentle protection of the husband is discussed in Paul's letters. Why use this model? Because it deepens love and friendship between marriage partners and honors God.
  • God's Intricate Design: The DNA Of The Church

    What is commonly known as DNA today was originally called "so pretty!" When DNA was discovered years ago, this divine design also informs Gods blueprint for the church. In this seminal work, he shares the woven strands that form the church: missional, relational, and incarnational. Far from a novel idea, Sweet shows how this structure is God's ...more
  • Mosab Hasaan Yousef: Radical Islam and Endtime Prophecy

    The son of one of the most revered leaders of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas renounced his religion to move to America and become an evangelical Christian. In this interview with Greg Laurie, he contrasts the view of radical Isalm and American Christianity.
  • The Hourglass: Living on the Edge of Eternity

    In a sermon preached at Water of Life Community Church, Lee Strobel gives insight into what will be significant in our last moments of life. The "hour glass" reminds us of regrets over words not said. The hourglass helps us realize our remorse over risks not taken. The hourglass helps us refocus on relationships. The hourglass helps us reaffirm our ...more
  • Just Do Something: Make a Godly Decision

    How do we discover God's will? By personally interacting with Scripture, by praying for and acting upon received wisdom and by seeking counsel from those living Christ-honoring lives. Excerpts taken from Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung
  • Heaven: The View From Beyond

    Heaven is the place where God will bring good from bad. The greatest stories have powerful beginnings and triumphant endings. In the middle, things go wrong. Jesus is the God-Man who will bring good from evil and redeem us to be heirs and rule over God's renewed creation. VIDEO ONE-FULL LENGTH SERMON FROM OAK HILLS CHURCH (Transcription included)  ...more
  • Teaching Your Child to Love Christ

    Obedience is connected with a here and now promise. Children, like adults are sinful and prone to sin. Obedience is connected with the life God has called us to live. Obedience is significant because it points at something more significant: honor. Parents have a responsibility to make sure their children obey.  There must be consequences. Make ...more
  • How to Heal Relational Scars God's Way

    The story of Paul and Ananias teaches us much about healing relational scars. Take your hurt and be honest in the presence of God. Articulate your pain and anger to Him. Allow God to bring His redeeming love into your story. When we are in pain, we pull away from others, the very people God brings into our lives to help us to receive healing. ...more
  • Fishermen Who Fished For Men

    Jesus' goal is for us to follow Him and to do in the lives of others what someone has already done in our own. To follow Christ means to fish for men. In following Him, we are transformed.
  • Exclusivity: How Can There Be One True Religion?

    The athiest says "there is no God." The agnostic says "I can't know there is a God." Christianity claims that Jesus became a man embodying God's love for humanity and sacrificed Himself for the sins of the world. We must receive His free gift of salvation.
  • Forgiven and Forgiving

    Paul teaches us the progression of sin, how to change our model of repentance, the progression of the cure to sin and how to transform our model of forgiveness. 
  • Light That Shatters Darkness

    Jesus, the Light, is the singular source of life, the ultimate revelation of the character of God. His truth teaches us to discern between good and evil and helps us chart our course through life.
  • God Knows We Chose

    God chooses us and we choose God. How do we understand the concept of election? How can we be sure that we are eternally secure? Jesus tells us in John 6.
  • How To Be Rich

    Worry is unproductive and ultimately lead to disobedience. God's joy is to provide faithfully for His people. We must simply carry out the tasks He has given us to do and walk in intimacy with Him.
  • In The Beginning-God Calls

    We learn much in the first chapter of Genesis. The starting point of all things is sovereign God. He calls us and His nature and love is unchangeable. 
  • Forgiveness Fuels My Marriage

    Jesus Christ, as our High Priest, made a once-for-all sacrifice for our sins. As we experience His complete forgiveness in our own lives, we should extend that same forgiveness to our spouses.
  • Amos: Give Us Compassion

    Amos chides God's people for living in luxury and apathy, and refusing to have compassion upon the poor. He encourages them to wake up and see the needs of others.
  • The Cost of Complaining

    Complaining makes life miserable. Complaining causes us to miss what God is doing now, damages the gifts He gives us and hurts our testimony. If we speak instead with gratitude and contentment, we enhance our relationship with God and others, and we receive heavenly rewards.
  • Precious Treasure

    We are stewards of all the earthly possessions God has given us -- our mates, children, homes, cars, education, skills and more. Because of His great gifts, we must be pure, vigilant and careful. In the same way, church leaders must care for their flocks understanding that the followers belong ultimately to God.
  • Success the Biblical Way-Integrity

    Pastor Brad Tuttle teaches the value of integrity in the life of the believer. Integrity may be defined as "wholeness" or "authenticity," unity between what we say and what we do. A Christian who exhibits this powerful character quality has a strong testimony to an unbelieving world.
  • Your Work Matters

    The ability to work is a gift from God. We should do our work as unto Him, reverently, diligently, loyally and with excellence. God will reward our labors. For more sermons by Brad Tuttle, go to
  • Learn to Love the Pain

    Trials are unpreventable and necessary for building our faith. Perseverance in the midst of trials demonstrates the Lord's work in our lives. Even in our weakness, God gives us wisdom generously -- when we believe.
  • Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

    Life change can only occur in the context of forgiveness and mercy. Jesus' parable of the ungrateful servant shows us how much we need to extend grace to those who have wronged us. When we understand the depth of God's forgiveness for our transgressions, we can begin to forgive the offenses we suffer.
  • Pointing People to Christ

    The gospel account of Jesus turning water into wine reveals two important truths. Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a model for evangelism at its best. She simply points to Jesus. The passage also demonstrates Jesus' purpose to reveal His Father's glory so that we can enter God's kingdom of abundance and overflowing grace.
  • What Kind of Savior Do You Need?

    In Ephesians 2, Paul takes us down to the Death Valley of the soul and then up to the Heavenly Realms in Christ Jesus in order to answer one question:  What kind of savior do we need? The journey's contrast will enhance our appreciation for Christ and will influence the way we live.
  • Mystery No More

    Our God is a missionary God who sent His Son as a missionary to earth to save and unite His people to Himself and to each other. As members of God's body, we are called to reveal Christ's beauty through community. We need to reprogram ourselves to touch the lives of those around us with the gospel.