Re-Marry Me

Marriage is tough. We are constantly changing, which causes our marriage to change. Glenn & Angie Barteau share the joys and challenges of marriage. They will also address how to navigate and understand the different phases marriages and other important relationships go through.

  • Re-Marry Me Pt. 1: Marriage Myths

    Three marriage myths may hinder the relationship between husband and wife: Unrealistic expectations, that we can change our spouse, and that a love relationship is easy. Learn that relational pain should be put in perspective. Learn to respond wisely and patiently, with unconditional love. YouVersion notes HERE.
  • Re-Marry Pt. 5: Clashing!

    Fighting fair as a couple will preserve your unity as a couple and deepen your love. Don't use words to wound. Re-frame your language away from judgment. Be compassionate and forgiving. Some practical tips: only one person at a time is allowed to get angry. A conflict can only last twenty minutes. Press pause on the problem and engage in a positive ...more
  • Re-Marry Pt. 4: Loops

    A loop is a repeating cycle of acting and reacting… and reacting from an unbiblical image of marriage. Pursuer-Distancer is a loop where one partner is smothering the relationship, while the other is starving it. The Shamer-Defender loop is where one partner gets frustrated with the other and they call them out on it, but not in a healthy way. ...more
  • Re-Marry Me Pt. 3: Connecting

    When your marriage is losing altitude, your relationship devolves from fascination to boredom to contempt. When your marriage is gaining altitude, your relationship goes from intimacy to connectedness to fascination. Mutual submission is engagement which leads to connectedness.
  • Re-Marry Me Part 2: Letting Go

    Your values are what you want to stand for, what you want to do, or how you want to behave. You can take a fixed approach or a principled approach. Unconditional love and forgiveness is essential to making a marriage work.