Real, Real World for Students

Youth Pastor Seth-Kreimeyer-Kelly deals with sensitive issues like sexual abuse and divorce to provide comfort and encouragement to hurting teens as well as relational tools for successful living.

  • iSight: Who's In Your Circle?

    iSight gives you a clear perspective on God's plan for successful relationships with significant others in your life. 
  • Substance Abuse and Addiction

    Low self-worth lies at the root of most addictions -- substance abuse, pornography, food disorders, internet abuse. People who miss the beauty of God's creation in themselves often turn to addictions to fill the hole of loneliness. Our communities can impact those who are struggling when we emphasize value to both the popular and the outcast.
  • Dating and Sex

    Dating and sex are fulfilling only when we adhere to God's plan for our lives. As we surrender to Him, God brings the right person to bless and complete us. Respect, trust and purity deepen relationships.
  • Sexual Abuse

    Our Heavenly Father suffers pain for His children who have been abused. God’s intention for relationships is for the parent to support the child and the strong to protect the weak. Jesus gives His people practical ways to reassert their humanity when an abuser has inflicted pain, shame and humiliation.
  • Divorce

    Is it possible for parents and children to heal from the wounds of divorce? Can a family recover and thrive? God's people have struggled with this for generations, but His plan is for us to live in peace and harmony.  God invites us to acknowledge the pain and seek the healing we need.