When bad things happen, where do you turn? Who is available to look toward? Is there someone? God is still in the rescue business. We want to lean into how God's rescuing...

  • You Are Not Alone in the Fiery Furnace

    Furnaces come in all shapes and sizes. Some are the fires fueled by pain and suffering. Some fires are caused by our broken world. Some fires are heated for God's purposes. We lose our bonds in the fire. We don't lose our eternal rewards in the flames. When unbelievers see us go through the flames and survive, they become believers in God.
  • Rescue: Thomas, Faith in Flux

    We can look at Thomas and label him the doubter – he has unfairly been labeled…this is a Bible snapshot of a time of questioning, wondering, searching for him…rightly so. Think about it! Everything he’s given his life too has crumbled. Now hears this story of resurrection from his friends and it doesn’t compute. Thomas is swirling with doubts, but ...more
  • Sujo John's Story-Casas Easter Service

    Sujo John tells his story of his journey to Christ and his experience during 9/11.