Satan and Temptation

Satan has many wiles to deceive, lure, and accuse believers. We must learn who He is and become alert to his devices. This series offers teaching on the nature of Satan, how He works and how we wage war and emerge victorious.

  • Satan and His Schemes

    Spiritual oppression is like microbial contamination. Elisha and Gehazi had a glimpse into the invisible war between God and Satan. We know from the Bible that Satan and his demons were once exalted, now fallen. They are powerful but limited, active but defeated. Be encouraged of God's power, aware of Satan's schemes and prepared to fight spiritual ...more
  • The Yips: Satan's Lies to Trip Us Up

    Satan caused Eve to doubt God's goodness and to twist His words. In doing so, we also are tripped up by his lies and doubts. Remember, your sin will find you out. You will reap what you sow. Satan will cause you doubt your own character. God's Word, His lovingkindness and holiness will keep you from stumbling. Preached at Chase Oaks Church. Used ...more
  • How to Glow in a Godless World!

    Amazing insights into the context of Jesus famed declaration will revolutionize how He revealed His identity and how we should shine His light in a dark world. Caesarea Philippi was probably the last place anyone would have expected a godly rabbi to take his disciples. We must not attack, blend in or withdraw. Instead, we reveal Jesus through our ...more
  • Entangled in Self-Deception

    True freedom doesn’t come from doing what we want to do but from living out the will of God, then let’s choose to be people who submit to God, who are people who really do want to hear the Word of the Lord and live by it. We learn from Jehoshaphat that if we are serious about that, then we better surround ourselves with people who share that same ...more
  • Don't Yield To Temptation: James 1

    Keys to overcoming temptations, according to James, are taking responsibility for one's actions, avoiding deception, changing direction, getting help. The four stages of temptation are desire, deception, disobedience and death.