Sheep Lessons-Titus

Alistair Begg teaches from the book of Titus. Paul teaches Titus how Christians are to lead, behave, shepherd and guard the flock of God, His church.

  • Titus: Truth-Seekers

    The book of Titus was written to a church living in moral and doctrinal confusion. Paul charged Titus to set things in order by teaching sound doctrine and instructing his congregation in the character that should be manifested among those who profess faith in Christ. In this introduction to the book of Titus, we learn that Paul's encouragement to ...more
  • Find Your Focus: Loving God's People

    Paul wrote to Titus as a servant of God, appointed by grace, with a clear purpose in mind: to see people come to faith and grow in the faith to which they have come. This study in Titus 1:1-4 explores Paul's authority and the singlemindedness of his ministry to the people whom God has been calling to himself from eternity. His position and his ...more
  • Pure Hearts and Clean Consciences

    As we conclude our study of the introduction to Titus, we are reminded that God, who never lies, gives us knowledge of the truth and the promise of eternal life. A pure heart and an uncorrupted conscience is evidence of abiding in the truth of God's Word. Titus is tasked with teaching the common faith.  2868 Used by ...more
  • Characteristics of a True Spiritual Leader

    An elder, according to Paul, should be a man of integrity, loyal to his wife and wise as a father. He should be humble, generous, holy and disciplined. From 2870. Used by permission.
  • How to Treat the Sheep

    No matter what stage of life we are in, every believer needs to understand the link between the faith that we profess and the lifestyle that should characterize us. The challenge isn't to blend in with the culture, but by our distinctiveness, to adorn the gospel. In Titus 2:1-5, Paul begins this instruction in Christian living with the older ...more
  • Blind Sheep: Steer Clear of Error!

    As they do in all human institutions, disagreements and conflicts sometimes arise in the local church. When that happens, how should church leaders respond? In Titus 3:9-11, Paul teaches that the voice of the shepherd must be both gentle and loud: gentle to comfort the wounded and frightened, and loud to warn of danger when necessary.