Solomon: Triumph and Tragedy

Solomon is one of the most intriguing characters of the Old Testament. You might even say he was the 'most interesting man in the world' before our present day commercial created that character. His life is one that is filled with incredible wisdom, courage, strategic planning, boldness and yet some faults as well. We can learn wisdom, insight, goals and warnings that enable us to follow God more earnestly. 

  • Lessons from Solomon on Finishing Well

    King Solomon began his reign well, but stumbled in the second half of his life. What can we learn from his mistakes? Don’t confuse your aspirations, accomplishments, skills or roles with who you are. You are far more than your role or what you can do. Work on those things, they are important, but they do not define you. When disillusionment and ...more
  • Building a Life (Solomon Series)

    Solomon took on a great building project during his reign as king. As he built the Temple to honor God and oversaw that project, there are some insights for us into how to build a life. Solomon is seeing life as a manager, not the owner – that’s one of the keys as you live for the larger story of God and don't become victimized by selfishness.  ...more
  • Burying the Hatchet: Solomon and Adonijah

    Solomon's early reign was fraught with power struggles and intrigue. We must be courageous in adversity and in facing conflict. Sometimes the best course of action is simply to wait upon the Lord and to rely on His wisdom. YouVersion Notes, click HERE.