Steven Furtick, Elevation Church Series

Steven Furtick, pastor of one of the fastest-growing churches in the U.S., had a powerful encounter with Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade. His messages draw the listener in and masterfully motivate them to follow Christ faithfully. Every time he speaks, you want to shout "Amen!"

  • Jericho: Don't Stop Short of Victory

    So many people never receive what God has promised because they don't persevere. The first reason is because our perspective gets blocked. Secondly, I think a lot of us stop short because our progress isn't always obvious. The third reason we stop short, because the process is open ended. Joshua conquering Jericho would never happen if he had only ...more
  • The ConTENtment Commandments

    Rejoice. Refuse to resent. Recognize God's Hand at work. Appreciate all seasons of life. Don't confuse the supply with the Source. Recognize. Release. Receive. Remain.  Preached at Elevation Church. Used by permission.
  • The Devil in 3D

  • Change Your Name from Cursed to Blessed (Benjamin)

    It’s often our times of greatest struggle that we can gain the most strength and increase our faith. Jacob renamed his son Benjamin. This compelling Bible story shows us that, though there are circumstances in our lives we didn't choose to go through, God has given us the rights to call any circumstance a blessing in His name. Preached at ...more
  • How to Face Your Future with Faith!

    You are an investigative reporter. Every day you are collecting evidence. Your future story has already been written based upon the nature of God and His plan for you. Future fears will turn good news into a bad report. The spies looked into the Promised Land and saw giants. Only two saw the grapes. We have two witnesses too. "Surely goodness and ...more
  • When God Shows Up in the Middle of Nowhere (Jacob)

    We often get so caught up thinking about where we'd rather be and what we'd rather be doing, that we forget all the places God has already been with us. But there is a way we we can experience God's presence wherever we are, wherever we go. Jacob's story reminds us that the biggest obstacle to a fulfilling life is us! Preached at Elevation Church. ...more
  • How to Be Brave

    We can learn to see through our enemies to see God’s presence. When troubles like fear, depression, or anxiety seem right on top of us, we can look through them to see that God is right on top of them. Without struggle would assume that the strength came from us instead of from God. But God wants to show Himself strong on our behalf by working in ...more
  • Catalyst for Change? An Unchanging God!

    Our God stands unchanging through time as the source of our strength. The power of same is the culmination of our consistency with Him. If you resist the monotonous, you'll miss the miraculous. Repeat the right things until the routine is the reward. You will never arrive if you can't abide.  Preached at Elevation Church. Used by permission. 
  • Cheer Up God's Way

    Jesus said, "Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. The Great Physician has  a good prescription. Gain His perspective. Even in sorrow, take heart and wear a cheerful countenance. Look at Christ and reflect His light. Giving to others will also feed your soul and cheer you up.  Preached at Elevation Church. Used by permission. 
  • How to Be Brave: Avoid Negative Thoughts

    There's no limit to the good thoughts God wants us to have. So, why do we waste so much time preoccupied with our doubts and fears? How are we supposed to handle these thoughts? Pastor Steven teaches us how to be brave in our faith by developing a courageous state of mind, holding onto the thoughts that come from God, and demolishing the thoughts ...more
  • Attack and Advantage: Facing Goliaths

    We all face giants in our lives. Don't be caught off guard. You have a God-given advantage. The Jewish soldiers said of Goliath, "He's too big to kill." David, full of faith, said, "He's too big to miss!" Preached at Elevation Church. Used by permission.
  • Resting in Faith: The Total Trust Theory

    God loves us. He has rescued us and He has a plan for us. These are some of the foundational statements our faith found in scripture. And when we read these words, it fuels our faith. We want to believe God is good. But we don't live in a perfect world. So what if the circumstances of our lives don't align with what God says? How do we keep our ...more
  • Unmasked: Jacob, Broken and Re-named

    Our 'Me-First' culture may seem like a modern problem, but since the beginning of time, we have been consumed by the internal struggle between who we really are and who we pretend to be. While we can't fool God with our disguises, we can easily lose sight of our true selves while chasing after who the world says we should be. Through the life of ...more
  • Crash the Chatterbox: Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

    Overpower the lies of insecurity, fear, condemnation and discouragement with the promises of God. Discover how to hear God's voice above all others. We must put the mind of Christ to experience spiritual growth and freedom. To order Steven's new book, go to
  • How to Love the Mud

    God knows we are made of dust and our lives our muddy. The muddy mess-the challenges, struggles, sin and pain in our lives make meaning. In the stories where Jesus knelt in the sand with the adulterous woman and spit in the dirt to heal the blind man, we see Jesus' acceptance, forgiveness and the cleansing water of His Spirit-power. Watch online ...more
  • Running From Your Life (Elijah)

    We are all afraid of something. And for most of us, these fears are preventing us from reaching our greatest potential. Fear of acceptance. Fear of failure. Fear of not being in control. The thing is, many of these fears aren't even rational. They're exaggerated lies that Satan wants us to believe about us, about our circumstances and about God. ...more