The Art of Parenting

Godly parents can effectively imprint their children by clearly communicating the right view of the real God, by processing their own hurts so they are free to see their children's needs, and by implementing biblical principles consistently in their homes. 

  • Prepare Your Child to Face the Future!

    As we meet the needs of our children, we forge bonds that forever change our relationships. Discovering the wonder of being with our children and listening to their hurts are first steps toward intimacy and trust.
  • The Launch Pad: Prepare Your Kids to Face the Future

    n Psalm 127, Solomon encourages parents to establish a stable home environment, to set appropriate boundaries, to practice the art of being "with" and to meet the children's primary intimacy needs. Parents need to aim their children for a future with the Master
  • Parenting Transitions from Childhood to Adolescence

    Parenting changes as our children grow up. Younger children need a directive parenting style. As children approach adolescence, parents transition to the role of coach and mentor. We allow teenagers to test their wings while we look for opportunities to affirm their maturity. Eventually the goal is to be adult friends with our children.
  • My Child and Me

    Parenting is an art, not a science. We must know and experience the real God for ourselves and introduce Him to our children. We must be self-aware and know our children deeply. We must also incorporate God's principles for living into our everyday lives.
  • From Bondage to Liberty

    A home built on Christian liberty is a place of gratefulness, faith and affirmation. The Christian home is not based on values of performance, but on values of godly character. Parents play a unique role in cultivating their children's faith and self-awareness.
  • From Cursings to Blessings

    Jesus models the lifestyle of affirming and blessing others. As parents, we can minister blessing to our children by meaningful touch, by spoken words of love, by attaching high value to them, and by choosing to believe in their future.