The Church Has Left the Building: Acts Series

The New Testament church described in the book of Acts provides a model for future generations. Although conflicts and problems emerge that every Christian church encounters, the Holy Spirit's presence in these fledgling believers produces a vital testimony to the world.

  • Fakers: Ananias and Sapphira

    Ananias and Sapphira, whose names mean "grace" and "beauty" were not who they seemed to be. Hypocrise begins with false pretense and brings turmoil and chaos. Hypocrisy purged produces power and purity. 
  • Pride and Prejudice

    God forces Peter to face his prejudices and surrender them to the Lord. Mankind has a history of prejudging others based on superficial characteristics. Instead God asks us to look at what is in the heart, accept our intrinsic value and rejoice in the uniqueness that makes us one of a kind.
  • Angel Face

    No matter what kind of pressure we are under, the Lord understands and comforts us. Even while being stoned, Stephen sees the glory of God and testifies of his Savior. We also can know peace in the midst of chaos when we are filled with the Holy Spirit and anchored on the Holy Bible. Eternal victory is ours through the power of Jesus Christ.
  • Unsung Heroes

    Stephen is one of God’s overlooked, unsung heroes. But the New Testament is born because Stephen lives and dies for the glory of God. Being persecuted for our faith is the outward sign of convition when unbelievers reject Christ and His followers.
  • Healing Power and Prayer

    God's Word tells us when we are sick to give thanks in all things, look for God's refining work in our lives, seek to have His heart and pray in faith for healing. God's physical miracles are shadows of His spiritual work for our eternal lives.
  • The Perfect Body: Acts 2

    Church is never a perfect place. The closest to perfection the church will ever become here on earth is described in Acts 2 on the Day of Pentecost. A great church is bound by Bible-based teaching, fellowship, prayer, healing and evangelizing. It is a place where we can find nurture, care and spiritual life with others who share a common purpose.
  • The Acts Go On and On

    Three things are going on in the Acts ministry of Christ today. Christ is coming as the spirit to dwell in His followers. Jesus is engaged in His greatest work of building His church using dispersed believers. Christ is adding members to His church as His power enables us to do His work on earth.
  • Pentecostal Power

    To walk by the spirit is to live with a moment-by-moment dependency on, and sensitivity to, the initial promptings of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit intends to produce in us the character of Jesus Christ. What does this look like? The fruit of the spirit,  the most effective evangelistic tool we have.