The Life of Joseph

Joseph, son of Jacob, is a prototype of Jesus Christ. Joseph's story teaches us much about redemption, forgiveness, deliverance and family life.

  • Journey to Repentance

    Genesis 42 chronicles the expedition of Joseph's brothers to Egypt, the interrogation of the brothers by Joseph, the introspection of the brothers before Joseph, and the report of the brothers to their aging father Jacob. 
  • From Prison to the Palace

    Genesis 41 describes Pharoah's problem and Joseph's promotion. Pharoah's dream has religious overtones because the Nile and cattle are worshipped as gods. We are challenged to emulate Joseph's mature character by being patient, faithful, humble and content.
  • Joseph in Prison

    "The Lord was with Joseph" is a repeated phrase throughout his story. Chapter 40 discusses the detention of the King's cupbearer and baker, their dreams and the decrees of the king.
  • Joseph: Tested and Triumphant

    Joseph is described as a trusted slave, a tempted slave and a trusted prisoner. His purity is contrasted with the immoral behavior of his brother Judah. We must withstand temptation, recognizing that God can use our afflictions for His glory.
  • The Green-Eyed Monster

    Jacob's dysfunctional family is jealous and angry with Joseph, the favored son. Genesis 37 relates details of the conspiracy against Joseph and his consignment to slavery in Egypt.