Vintage: Ancient Stories of Redemption

Old Testament characters like Jonah, Job, David and Hosea demonstrate the transforming power and grace of God in lives that have been broken and in need of repair. Redeeming love covered over the "broken places" and brought new life to these real-life heroes of the faith.

  • Loving a Prostitute: God's Prophet Hosea

    Hosea was asked by God to marry an unfaithful woman and love her unconditionally. In doing so, he demonstrated the kind of amazing love God has for his children.
  • Naked and Naughty: David's Road to Repentance

    King David knew that he had sinned against the Lord, but he hadn't completely dealt with the ramifications of broken lives that surrounded his choice. One aspect of repentance is to comfort and help those who have been wounded by our mistakes. 
  • Job: Two Stages of Tragedy and Triumph

    The upper stage (heaven) and the lower stage (earth) are revealed in this ancient tale of tragedy and triumph. Job learns that God is uncontrollably good, irrationally graceful and unreasonably loving. 
  • Jonah: The Prophet Who Played the Fool

    No matter how evil our world may become, we must not allow it to harden our hearts toward the people of this world. When our hearts harden toward others, our hearts will also harden toward God and we won't even realize it. Jonah obeyed God's orders, but did not share God's passion for the lost.
  • Jonah: Comedy of Errors

    Jonah, the reluctant prophet, is a picture of God's mercy, love and grace provided in spite of man's stubborn self-righteousness. This colorful tale of the man who tried to out-run God is truly a comedy of errors.