What's On Your Mind?

Several questions are posed in this series. What does the Bible say about marriage and divorce, women in ministry and self-esteem? Why do we suffer and how can we cope?

  • Priceless: The Biblical Worth of a Woman

    The value of women is discussed from the scriptural, cultural, historical, traditional and contemporary lenses. Women blessed, encouraged and helped Jesus throughout His ministry. They accompanied Him on His ministry tours and financially supported Him. They remain at the cross after the disciples fled and they were present at the resurrection. The ...more
  • The Bridegroom Comes: Encouragement and Direction for the Last Days

    If these are the Endtimes, We need encouragement and direction. What should a Christian do? Read the Book of Revelation. Receive a blessing. Consider God's perspective on materialism. Handle your money wisely. Surrender you life to the Lordship of Christ. You don't want to endure the Endtimes without Him. Live holy lives to prepare for His return. ...more
  • Let Them Eat Cake: Life on Earth is On-the-Job Training for Eternity

    God's grand design for man in the garden was "very good." His plan was to lead man as rulers in the Garden to become kings and queens in eternity. The middle, or "bad" part of our journey here on earth is on-the-job training for heaven. The individual ingredients of our lives may taste awful, but in the hands of the Master Chef, they become ...more
  • Can U Hear Me Now? Hearing Clearly When God Speaks

    God's Word spoke universes into being. He speaks to us Holy Spirit to human spirit. His revealed Word must be handled carefully with accuracy, background and context. The Word is not given to make us smart but to make us passionate about God.
  • Looking in the Mirror: Seeing Ourselves at Jesus Sees Us!

    Our self images come from the reflective mirrors around us. Right self-image comes from God who made us. High self-esteem energizes us, deepens our relationships and develops our Christian service.
  • What Does the Bible Say about Divorce and Remarriage?

    Jesus had much to say about divorce and remarriage. The sermon deals with what Jesus said about marriage and divorce, whether or not Jesus was a liberal or conservative when it came to the issue of divorce, and the Biblical guidelines for marriage and divorce. The permanence of marriage is also emphasized.