Why We Sing

The Bible teaches us that when we sing to God we deeply express our love and worship of His incomparable power and glory. God not only inhabits the praises of His people, but His people are joined together in unity when they sing to Him.

  • Singing: Responding to God in Worship

    Worship through singing is our response to God's glory, love and holiness. In the story of David dancing before the Ark of the Covenant, we learn that Michal, his wife, despised his worship. From her story, we learn the three things keep us from worshipping God: our personal preferences, our personal struggles, and our personal pain. As we ...more
  • Why Should the Church Sing Together?

    God's Word calls Christians to practice corporate singing. We are a community of transformed children of God and we are united together by His Spirit. We sing to unite, to teach and encourage.