Wild Goose Chase: Keys to Spirit-Filled Living

Celtic Christians called the Holy Spirit An Geadh-Glas or the Wild Goose. A wild goose can't be tracked or tamed. There is unpredictability or a hint of mystery or an element of danger that surrounds the wild goose. In a sense, if you take the Holy Spirit out of life, life is boring. But if you add Him into the equation of your life, you never know who you are going to meet, where you are going to go, what you are doing to do, all bets are off. Different cages that prevent us from following the Holy Spirit are discussed.

  • Caged by Fear: Jonathan's Bold Move

    We need to quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death. Instead, we need to start playing offense with our lives. The world needs more people with more daring plans. The story of Jonathan illustrates the nature of risk-taking.
  • Caged by Failure: Paul's Detour

    Sometimes our plans have to fail in order for God's plans to succeed. Divine detours and delays are the ways God gets us where He wants us to go. Paul's detour as a shipwrecked prisoner on the island of Malta is a perfect example of God using bad circumstances for His purposes. 
  • Caged by Routine: Moses in the Desert

    At some point in our journey, most of us trade adventure for routine. While some routines can be good, we have to be careful. Sacred routines become empty rituals that keep us caged!
  • Caged by Assumption: Abraham's Faith Struggle

    Our assumptions keep many of us from faith. As we age, many of us stop believing and start assuming. We stop living out of our right brain imagination and start living out of left brain memory. We put eight foot ceilings on what God can do.